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Ann Taylor Embroidered Skirt – Lost to Luxurious!

On this skirt remake, I started with a short black Twenty One mini skirt I found at the thrift store St. Vincent for $2.50.  It was in great shape, and a great foundation for what I had in mind!

On the same trip to St. Vincent I found a pink Ann Taylor skirt for $2. The pink skirt was cute by itself, but the embroidered flowers on it didn’t stand out.  They were also starting to fade from repeated washing, and needed a little reinforcement.  Time for another Ann Taylor skirt refashion!

I took this picture after I started sewing on black beads in the middle of each flower, but you get an idea of the shape from this photo.  Here’s a close up of the flowers before the beading started.

So here’s what I did:

#1. I sewed black beads in the center of each embroidered flower on the pink skirt to make the pink skirt click with the black mini.

#2. I sewed the pink skirt to the black mini, then cut off the top of the pink skirt.

#3. I sewed some nice big black lace from a leftover project to the bottom to finish off the effect.

Wow! I love the after! The black beads make the pink skirt really stand out! The whole look is now so much more interesting.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Total Cost: $5.50 (The beads cost $1)

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Sometimes when we put two skirt together it looks like…well, 2 skirts put together, and we have to work with it until it looses that look!  But this skirt was totally luxurious from the beginning!  We think the black lace on the bottom completed the ensemble so well.  For the photo shoot I paired this Ann Taylor skirt refashion with black flats, Aria’s black rose trimmed sweater and my thrift store black velvet belt.  (Thanks, Aria!)


Well, you know what to do now!  Vote in the poll and leave us your thoughts in the comment section!

Always be Exciting,


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