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Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Satin History

satin fabric

Following up the Skirt Factsination post about silk, I thought I might as well do one on satin history! Satin, or the term satin, originated in the Middle Ages, and was used to describe a luxurious, heavy type of silk known as samite. The word satin comes from the name of a Chinese town: Zaitun. The fabric was first available in Italy during the twelfth century, and by the fourteenth century, was widely available throughout Europe. It was very costly, and worn mostly by royalty. Satin was originally made by weaving silk fibers, but modern satin may be made of polyester or rayon.

For your viewing pleasure, we have included four of our favorite satin skirts from Pinterest.

 satin history

1. The Ballerina Satin Skirt.

I’m not sure if this skirt is actually a ballerina skirt, but the shade of pink is most definitely Ballerina Pink. I love the gathered style of this skirt, and would love to wear it with a rougher shirt and maybe boots to bring out the feminine in the skirt.

satin fabric

2. The Raspberry Satin Skirt.

I adore the color of this sumptuous skirt, and it s wrap style. I like the black blouse and kitten heels that have been paired with the skirt in this picture.

 satin history

3. The Floral Satin Skirt.

This skirt is definitely pretty! The pattern is so cool, and an amazing pick for fall wear. I like the grays with the rust orange in the pattern. I would wear this with a rust orange blouse and black flats, or black tights and boots.

satin fabric

4. The Long Black Satin Skirt.

Woweeee! This is such a GORGEOUS skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot include enough exclamation marks! This is such a stunning skirt for a tall elegant figure. I love the pattern, which looks like zebra striped leaves! I would have to draw all attention to the skirt, so I would pair it with a plain understated white button-down and black heels.

Well, look out for a Velvet post next week!

Always be Exciting,


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