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Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Velvet History

velvet history

Well, here’s the velvet part of our fabric series. We’ll start with some velvet history.  Velvet, like silk and satin, has always been associated with nobility. Velvet was first introduced in Arabia during the rule of Haroun al-Raschid, ruler of Baghdad, and spread from there. The earliest source of European velvets were Lucca, Genoa, Florence and Venice. Later it was taken up by Flemish weavers. There are many different kinds of velvet, such as Chiffon velvet, crushed velvet, Embossed velvet, mirror velvet, and velveteen. Velvet was traditionally made from silk fibers, but more recently synthetic materials have been used to create a cheaper velvet. Here are three of our favorite velvet skirts.

velvet history

1.The Green Crushed Velvet Skirt.

One of my favorites is crushed velvet, and I love this skirt. The way that it dips down in the front is very creative, and I would love to wear it on a fall day with some black boots!

velvet history

2. The ShopStyle Black Velvet Skirt.

I adore the way that this skirt is layered in an almost fish-scale pattern, and the way that each tier is lined with black satin to accent it. I would wear a white button down and red high-heeled pumps with this.   Fall is such a great time of year to wear velvet!  It’s warm, soft, and special!

velvet history

3. The Teal Stretchy Velvet Skirt.

The waistband and width of this skirt looks very comfortable, and the velvet is apparently stretchy, another win! This would be cute with tight, slouch boots, and an oversized sweater.  Fall outfit to be sure!

What is your favorite velvet skirt?  What is the most royal or special occasion you’ve worn velvet for?  I remember wearing a black velvet dress for my Aunt’s wedding and feeling soooooo special!  And my Mom has a velvet skirt I can’t wait to be tall enough to wear!  Speak to us some velvety comments!

That’s all for now!   Look out for Corduroy next week!

Always be Exciting,


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