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Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Lace History – Skirt Costumes Theme Week!

lace history

Today is Skirt Factsination day, and to tie it in with Costume Week, we are doing another one of our fabric series; Lace History!  Lace is a fabric that is patterned with open holes, and is made by machine or hand. Lace-making can go back very far, but true lace, lace that is created when a thread is looped independently from a backing, was not made until the 15th and 16th centuries. In those times, lace was made from linen, silk or gold and silver threads, but now lace is most commonly made with cotton or synthetic threads, although linen and silk are still used by some. Types of lace are classified how they are made. Needle lace is consisted is made using a needle and thread, is very time consuming, and is considered my some the height of lace-making. The finest antique needle laces were made with an extremely fine thread that is not manufactured today. There is also Knotted lace, Knitted lace, Machine-made, and Bobbin Lace, of which Chantilly lace is a type. I have included three costumes that have lace incorporated in them somehow.

lace history

1. The Lace ballet skirt

I like this skirt because it is completely lace, and I like the asymmetrical design of it. I would wear this with black ballet tights and slippers, and a black leotard, or something like that, to make it tie in more as a ballerina.

lace history

2. The Maid Lace apron.

This is a pretty full apron, so I’m classifying it as a skirt! It has a beautiful long layer of lace at the bottom of the apron, and the collar is full lace. A maid costume is a good ‘easy and quick’ costume solution because all you need is a black skirt and shirt, and then a white apron and cap! Everyone knows what you are, and if you are in a pinch, it is a good costume. My mom was a maid at a Victorian tea party that we had once. She looked pretty good, because she made her own apron and cap, but it did look a little funny because she was pregnant and her apron had to have room for this bump!

lace history

3. The lace Victorian skirt.

Wowzers! This, I think, is a real lace skirt from the Victorian era. If you could make one of these, you could just wear a regular long white dress under it, and your costume would be fabulous! The thing about this skirt is that it looks so delicate that you would have to be extremely careful when wearing it. I could do that, if I could have the skirt!!!

Well, leave a comment below, and let us know if you have a costume with lace on it!

Always be Exciting,


This week is Skirt Costume Week!  At Skirt Fixation, we’ve been known to throw themed costume parties any time of year!  There was the November Egyptian Feast, the Victorian Tea Party in March (you should have seen the awesome hats!) and the Medieval Feast in September.  One Dad came dressed as a knight!  We know a lot of people are thinking about costumes this week, and perhaps some of you are searching for some free costume ideas you can throw together yourself with minimum time and zero cost!!  So this week that’s our treat for you!  Some costume samples that are free and easy, and include skirts!  

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