DIY Ballerina Costume & German Girl Costume – Skirt Costume Theme Week

DIY ballerina costume

Okay, so chances are if you have a little girl to outfit for a costume, chances are she’s going to want to be a ballerina or some variation thereof (ballerina fairy, dancing princess, etc.!)  Well, the great news is that a ballerina costume is very easy to put together, and cheap with no sewing required either!   We put together a costume for Annie with items we had on hand!

DIY ballerina costume

Ballerina happiness!

We took a suit Annie wears for her gymnastics class and added a tutu.  That’s. It.  The rest of the effect if achieved with duo ponytails, matching red ribbons and a cute smile!  If you have ballet slippers in the house, by all means add them to the ensemble too!

DIY ballerina costume


Lots of spins and twirls make for a totally authentic costume!  See how easy that was?  And how happy she is?  Little girls are so easy to please with a ballerina costume!

DIY ballerina costume

Pensive, vintage ballerina!

Next we travelled across the ocean for a German girl costume.  Aria willingly modeled this one for us after she helped pick out the costume and accessories.

DIY German Girl Costume Guten-tag frauline!

She wore a white shirt, black skirt and green lace-up vest.  Again, super simple and easy, cheap and completely DIY!

DIY German Girl CostumeThis look could also be Dutch, Swedish, or any Scandinavian country!

The accessories on this one make the outfit.  Long braids wrapped around her ears, flowers in a pot and flowers in the hair!  You could also put the flowers in an oversized stein or whatever you happened to have on hand!

DIY German Girl Costume

Just check out that hairdo!

We hope you enjoyed these free, easy, no-sew, DIY costumes for girls.

Make it beautiful,


This week is Skirt Costume Week!  At Skirt Fixation, we’ve been known to throw themed costume parties any time of year!  There was the November Egyptian Feast, the Victorian Tea Party in March (you should have seen the awesome hats!) and the Medieval Feast in September.  One Dad came dressed as a knight!  We know a lot of people are thinking about costumes this week, and perhaps some of you are searching for some free costume ideas you can throw together yourself with minimum time and zero cost!!  So this week that’s our treat for you!  Some costume samples that are free and easy, and include skirts!  

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