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Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Linen History

linen history

This week’s Skirt Factsination is about linen and linen history and linen skirts as part of our fabric series. Linen is famous for being wrapped around mummies. Not the most, uh, appealing fabric, considering its history of mummies, but I may be prejudiced because of this one linen skirt I had once that was the bane of my life.  Somehow I didn’t realize when I bought it that the fabric was twisted, and it always bugged me to the point that when it finally became too tight and short, I was so excited to get rid of it!  No, this was not one we could use for a refashion, and it went in the donation box!  Anyways, linen made its debut in Ancient Mesopotamia, and white linen was worn extensively in Ancient Egypt due to the heat. Linen is a textile made from the flax plant, and is labor-intensive to manufacture, but remarkable for its coolness in heat. Mummies were wrapped in linen because it was a symbol of wealth. We found four linen skirts on Pinterest that we liked.

linen history

1.The Breezy, loose linen skirt.

I like this skirt because it is really what linen is all about. I like the big pockets and the breezy looseness of the skirt. I would wear this with white or yellow flats and a yellow blouse. (I like navy blue with yellow.)

linen history

2. The linen Maxi skirt.

Linen almost always looks very fresh, especially if it is white linen. I love the style of this skirt, kind of mermaidy, as it flows out about right at knee length. This skirts seems like the perfect skirt to wear to a summer party or a beach vacation. I like the black with it, but for summer I would choose maybe red heels and a navy blue and white striped shirt.

chevron striped linen skirt

3.  The Striped linen skirt.

This sort of oversized chevron seems of be in right now, and it looks good on linen. This skirt kind of has a bit of a business feel to me for some reason, perhaps the model. I would prefer to wear this type of skirt and pattern dressed down, with black flip-flops or sandals, and white tee and a big ol’ floppy straw hat.

linen history

  • 4.  The Floral linen skirt.

The pattern and background color of this skirt is sooooo cute!!! I adore the floral pattern, and if you look closely, there’s a embroidered butterfly on the wide waistband! Two things I love – butterflies and wide waistbands, paired together! I would wear this, hmmm, with a orange or red top and sandals or espadrilles.

Let us know your take on linen, and your favorite, or least favorite linen skirt in the comment section!

Always be Exciting,


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