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Skirt FACTSination – Cotton History – Fabric Series

cotton history

Cotton History and General Information

I guess that I’ve put this Fabric: Cotton, post off because cotton is so common. However, cotton is very easy to sew with, so I had better just do it. First a little cotton history and information!  Cotton is a staple fiber that grows in a boll, and is spun into yarn or thread to make a soft, breathable fabric. Cotton is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, and Cotton was independantly domesticated in the Old and New Worlds. Cotton has even been found in Mexico and the Indus Valley civilization. The cost of production was lowered by the invention of the cotton gin, and 110 million bales are used in world production annually!

Examples of Cotton Skirts

We found three lovely cotton skirts on Pinterest for your enjoyment, and since there are all types of cotton skirts, we picked three of our favorites.

cotton history

1.  The blue and cream cotton skirt.

This is just about the perfect summer skirt, easy, breezy, and cute as all get out! It is lovely to wear to the beach, a tea party, or anywhere else that you have to go in warm weather! We would love to wear this with some espadrilles, a light tee, and a big floppy straw hat!

cotton skirt

2.  The blue dyed cotton skirt.

This is a beautiful midi skirt, and just topping for summer. (Yay for british slang words!) We adore wearing skirts like this with flip-flops and sunglasses for a cool and beachy summer look.

asymmetrical zipper

  • 3.  The military green cotton skirt.

We love the color and the fun-ness of this skirt! It is a bit short for our liking, but we know how to lengthen things at SkirtFixation, and who can resist big pockets, big zippers, and soft belts? Not us!

Well, sorry about the summer skirts in December, but cotton is not exactly a winter fabric, and I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this post, but oh well! We can just pretend we’re in Hawaii, enjoying a little cotton history, watching the waves as a breeze plays along the hem of our cotton skirt!  There are so many cotton skirts out there, surely you can leave us a comment telling us about one of yours!

Always be Exciting,


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