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turtleneck with maternity maxi

Today’s 5 Ways outfit post shows how you can stretch your maternity wardrobe (yes, the pun is intended!)  But since I only wear maternity clothes for less than a year, I don’t really have the desire to buy a whole new closet full of clothes.  In fact, by the time I give birth, I am really missing my old clothes and never want to see my maternity clothes again!  So one way to save some money on your maternity wardrobe is to buy (or make) a wardrobe staple and style it five different ways, like I did with this black maternity maxi skirt.  First of all, are you might wondering how a 6 foot tall woman found a maternity maxi skirt?  Well, I didn’t!  I made it following the same general instructions as the brown maxi we featured a few weeks ago, but cut this one fuller than the more a-line shape of the brown maxi.  Now on to the outfits!

maternity maxi skirt with hoodie#1: Short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve hoodie.  In cooler weather I like to layer up, and this allows me to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my wardrobe even further by wearing a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve one.  I paired this combination with black pumps.

maternity maxi skirt with color pop accents#2:  All black long with color pop.  Wear a long sleeve black shirt and accent color shirt and accessories for a pop!  You can also add patterns, texture, and stripes (or all of the above) and get away with it on an all black base.  I added a knit headband in the same color tones, and some black UGG boots.

maternity maxi skirt with layers #3: Short sleeve shirt over long sleeve shirt.  Again, layering up allows for more looks.  In this outfit, I added a short sleeve shirt with floral accents for variety.  Some ballerina flats finish the ensemble.

black maternity maxi#4:  Button up shirt and scarf.  When you have somewhere special to go, a button up shirt can really dress up a plain black skirt.  Adding the infinity scarf on top completes the look.

turtleneck with maternity maxi #5:  Turtleneck and crop sweater.  A crop sweater accentuates the growing belly, and can be a really fun accent piece.  Plus it’s warm in chilly weather!  This cold weather outfit also includes a bright red turtleneck, and matching hat and gloves.  Again, the UGG boots finish the warm, cozy look.

5 ways to wear a Maternity MaxiWell, there are you suggestions for some good ways to stretch your maternity wardrobe using a black maternity maxi skirt as the base.  Leave us a comment telling us some ways you s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ed your maternity wardrobe!

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