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Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit

Josephine Blouse and Dress Pattern

We are so pleased to present you our version of the Josephine blouse pattern by Violet Fields Threads.

Josephine blouse and dress patternWe started with the Josephine blouse and dress pattern because we were inspired by Frances & Suzanne’s Flip this Pattern contest.  The contestants are sewing some amazing creations, and we wanted to sew along.  The things we love most about this pattern are the pin tucks and the ruffles, and we wanted to accentuate those two things without drowning them out in a printed material.  Now we’ve seen the Josephine blouse and dress pattern made with a print material, and it’s absolutely adorable, but our goal was to emphasize the pin tucks and ruffles.

pin tucks and rufflesFor the little blouse, we started with some fabric we fell in love with when we saw what Venus over at Suburbia Soup did with this material for her submission to Elegance & Elephants Root Sewing Series –  Sew Your Heritage.  She mentioned that she’d gotten her fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, and you can be sure we hightailed it over there just as fast as we could!  They had some, and we snapped it up!

josephine back detailThis fabric fits perfectly with our goal of emphasizing texture in our Josephine ensemble.  We made a few adjustments to the original pattern, but we will go into depth on the design elements in our designer post this week.  For now, we’ll just generalize and say we changed the shape of the collar to a more Peter Pan collar shape, shortened the long sleeves to elbow length, and used our only printed fabric for the V-cuffs.

josephine blouse and dress pattern

A little about this printed fabric.  We found this fabric a few years ago, and it was one of those where we didn’t know exactly what we were going to do with it, but we knew it was coming home with us!  It was designed by Luana Rubin for Robert Kaufman with proceeds benefitting breast cancer research.  It was made in at least 6 colors!  In fact, we HAD TO get some of this fabric in both purple/blue and browns.  It is the most amazing fabric…the detail of the roses is so exquisite, and the ombre effect is stunning.  We only used a little of the darkest part of the ombre as that’s what matched our skirt fabric the best.

pin tucks and ruffled skirt The skirt fabric is a sueded blue cotton we picked up at JoAnn Fabrics also.  Again, it matched our goal of emphasizing texture perfectly.  Now since we were so in love with the pin tucks and ruffles, we decided to flip them from horizontal to vertical on the skirt!  We also wanted the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt to have the same tightness of ruffling as the ruffle on the blouse, so after some intense algebra, we figured out how much fabric we needed to gather into a ruffle!  But more about that in our design post, later!  We also added in just a touch of our amazing rose printed fabric to tie the two pieces together.

Josephine blouse sewing pattern

Just because we are slightly crazy, we’ve entered this little outfit in Project Run & Play’s Season 9 Contestant Search!  How it works it you enter your piece, and the contestant is chosen by vote.  So that means we need your vote! 

Josephine Blouse and Dress PatternPlease click through on this link and vote for us!  The voting begins at midnight Wednesday the 19th, so after that time:

Click on This Link (it’ll open a new window) to Vote For Us (we’re #38)

Make it beautiful,


Published by skirtfixation

Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

49 thoughts on “Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit

  1. We are thrilled that you chose to sew-along in the “Flip this Pattern” series this month!!! We couldn’t agree more about the Josephine – those tucks are too awesome to pass up, aren’t they?? Again, thanks for sharing your ‘flipped inspiration’ with others!


  2. So original! I know we are supposed to comment on the post, but your girls are so cute that they steal the show! You must be one special lady to be gifted with all those wonderful little girls!


  3. Audrey,

    I would love to know how you find the time to sew such cute goodness with 6 kids. As a seamstress myself, I can hardly make time for some much needed sewing repairs. Besides, what you’re doing is much more fun. I love the way the blouse and skirt coordinate with that little addition of the rose print. It ties the outfit together perfectly.


  4. wow! Amazing! You have such talent! There is a lot of sewing skill displayed in this outfit I’m in awe. I wish I could do this (pin tucks and ruffles). Clothing has become so disposable recently its very annoying. I love the fabric you picked out and that it found it’s home in this outfit. very, very well done!


  5. That outfit is gorgeous. I can see why that fabric had to come home with you. I’m a straight stitch kind of girl. There’ve been a couple of times I’ve gotten crazy and done a zig zag stitch 😉 I do have plans to try my hand at quilting this year.


  6. I love the pin tucks on your skirt! Such a smart nod to the original. I really think my next Josephine will be a solid white shirt. It could be used so often and the pattern itself is even more lovely than I realized. The print versions are great, but with all the crazy floral it IS hard to tell just how cool those details are. Great job!


  7. I really like the rounded collar and the darts in the back of the shirt…it’s fun to see all the different variations that can be done with this pattern! Great work 🙂


  8. I have just started sewing again after years of avoiding the sewing machine, and I love what you’ve done with this sweet blouse and skirt! I agree, the fabrics are amazing and your detail work is as well. Obviously your little gal is as pleased as punch to be wearing her lovely new outfit!

    You’re inspiring me. I’m thinking of making a Lego pillowcase for my Lego-loving son’s upcoming bday!


  9. This is so cute! You are very talented! I wish I had the skill to sew something like this, but I struggle with straight lines! Good luck in the contest!


  10. I love blue and white combos. You did a great job coordinating the colors and textures. And I think all the algebra paid off – the skirt ruffle is perfect!


  11. Wow! My mom sewed a lot of my clothes growing up. I never really learned to sew, but now I’m thinking I want to learn and pick it up as a new hobby. So fun and inspiring!


  12. Learning how to sew is probably one of my frustrations 😦 I would love to create something like this, but I don’t know where to start in learning how to use a sewing machine. I only have the basic knowledge in stitching. I’ll include sewing in my bucket list and hopefully I can create something as beautiful as this outfit.


  13. What a sweet outfit and on an adorable girl! I love blue/navy & white together (I have some of the rose material too :-D) The white on white material is stunning with the skirt being so dark. Love the whole look, I’m feeling the need to sew something springy :-).


  14. Such a lovely outfit. I love the white on white details with the hint of pattern using the blue fabric. I also like how you layered the ruffles at the bottom. The soft fabric for the skirt looks so comfortable. I can also imagine it with a soft, fine cord material. I went over to the other site to vote but it looks like the voting must have closed already.


  15. I love the color combinations and textures of the outfit! I particularly like the sleeves of the blouse. Wish I knew how to sew so I could alter my clothes.


  16. What a beautiful design! You did an amazing job… a thousand fold better than the original… I pinned immediately! I am so excited to make this. Fantastic design!


  17. I don’t sew, but I love this outfit! It’s so refreshing to see a young girl dressed in something innocent/girly rather than miniature versions of adults. Beautiful work 🙂


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