Cowboy Quilt

cowboy quilt

A while ago I was re-bitten by the quilting bug.  And then there’s the boy I don’t sew for very much.  This boy l.o.v.e.s. horses, cowboys, and The West.  Combine all that and you get a cowboy quilt.

Cowboy Quilt

A very masculine cowboy quilt.

Cowboy Quilt

Since I am a female, I frequently brought my husband in on the decision making process.  He was my vision man.  He nixed certain fabrics from my stash.  He went with me into the fabric section and picked out the black faux leather for the sashing.  He suggested the final layout. Did I mention that he was my vision man?

cowboy quilt

I sewed so many little cowboy details into this quilt, from the western themed and horse fabrics to the cattle brands stitched into the large denim-look and “cattle hide” squares.

Cowboy Quilt

Do you recognize any of the brands?  Some were very personal like the brand my dad used on his horses when I was a kid; the E lazy S.

Branded cowboy Quilt

Some I made up, like one using my son’s initials.

louis l'amour brand

Some were from Louis L’Amour books like the EmT and Tumblin’ K brands.

Charles Goodnight quilt

Some were very real like Charles Goodnight’s brand (rumor has it he’s in the family tree!)  And then there is Charlie Russell, the cowboy artist’s, initials “branded into one square!”  (Can you make it out below the EmT in the photo above this one?)  Some were just western brands like the Rocking H and the Box T.  The Bar BQ and the 7 UP (to the left of Goodnight’s JA above) brands were for laughs!  So yeah, I stitched a lot of love into this quilt for my birthday boy’s cowboy quilt.

log cabin quilt

Some of the squares were definitely western squares like the log cabin and the nine patch.

The diamond squares were my first time working with diagonals, so don’t look to close!  But situated in the middle of the quilt, I think  they look like pools, kind of like a desert oasis.

cowboy quilt

I quilted the top by machine with brown thread, except for the “brands” which I did in a yellow/gold thread to make them stand out.  Everything was done an offset stitch in the ditch (I’m sure there’s a proper name for this!) except the big branded squares and the faux leather sashing.

The quilting on the back stands out pretty nicely.

back of cowboy quilt

Speaking of the back, I had been gifted this awesome cowboy fabric.  In fact, with the exception of the faux leather black sashing, every fabric in this quilt came from my stash!  Yeah, it’s really that big of a stash!

western quilt

A cowboy quilt with faux leather, denim and cattle brands in blues and browns.  He tells me there is only one problem with this cowboy quilt…his older brother steals it at night!  Well, I checked the stash, and there’s enough western themed fabric in greens and browns to make another one for the biggest brother.  (This all helps shrink the stash, right?!)  A friend from Wyoming gifted me all the western and horse theme fabric!!

I finally convinced The Boy to show his face on the SKIRT blog.  I didn’t complain that he was wearing his ripped up jeans and his favorite t-shirt; that’s him!

Cowboy Quilt

Now if only I could get him to pose in the Ethan Shirt I tested before making Aria’s denim jacket flip!  Soon, soon…

My cowboy lovin’ boy is happy and that makes me happy!  Maybe it’ll keep him from moving to Texas for a few more years yet!  How about you, have you ever sewn a quilt for a boy?  How did you make it masculine for him?

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