My First Quilt!!!

My first quilt

My first quiltToday we’re showing you a quilt that took me ten years to finish. This was my first quilt I ever made! Well, okay, the only quilt I’ve made, but I digress. Actually, I pieced the top of this quilt when I was five.  Mom said she used this quilt to teach me how to sew.  Then we stopped before quilting it, and it went relatively unnoticed through three or four moves. This quilt literally moved across the country in its unfinished condition in the mending box! Several times. So I’d forgotten all about it!

Machine Quilted quilt

When we finally pulled it out again to finish it, sewing it along with Challenge Create: Red White & Blue week, we found that it was pieced together already, and the back, front, and middle were pinned together.

Back of my first quilt

I don’t remember piecing the front, or picking out the fabric for the back or anything like that, but that’s ok. I’m getting forgetful in my old age. There’s one mistake that was too far done to fix, and that was that there’s two pieced squares on one end of the quilt, and none on the other. It just shows the top from the bottom, right? Right? ‘K.

machine quilting

So I started to quilt the layers together, sewing the large plain blue squares with hearts, the pieced squares with X’s, and the lines with zigzags. The last step was buying some red seam binding from Ben Franklin and sewing it around the edge of the quilt. Since its not that great of a quilt anyway, although pretty good for being started when I was six, I just sewed the seam binding on with the machine, sewing it through all the layers and skipped the hand sewing part. It’ll be a good picnic blanket for David and Annie, when they have their little tea parties, and for putting over Baby during the winter.

My first quilt

I’m pretty happy with it, but if I make another quilt I want it to be a teensy bit more professional.  But hey, I was 6 when I pieced it, so not bad for my first quilt! I actually enjoyed machine quilting it…Mom tends to get after me for sewing too fast, but this worked great for machine quilting! She could hardly believe how fast I finished it! Have you ever made a quilt?



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2 thoughts on “My First Quilt!!!

  1. You did such a beautiful job! I have made a few quilts, and I find them difficult because I need to slooooow way down. The actual quilting part is the hardest, for me!
    Nicely done.


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