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Bubblegum Girl Superhero Costume

bubble gum girl to the rescue

Bubblegum Girl

What do skirts, bubblegum, and superheroes have in common? Bubblegum Girl, that’s what! Bubblegum Girl is a girl superhero that I made up to be a sidekick for Ratboy, a boy superhero. Ratboy and Bubblegum Girl are the brother-sister Sticky Rodent duo, and I even wrote a few short stories about their escapades. Ratboy and Bubblegum Girl are around ten and five respectively, and generally have the same characteristics of Thomas and Annie. They go around stopping crimes (mostly bank robberies), and having high-tech, superhero fun, whilst keeping their mild-mannered alter egos secret from their well-meaning family and friends. Ratboy has super strong buckteeth and can do fantastic gymnastics, including running up buildings. Bubblegum girl is pretty awesome for a sidekick, and she has super spit (uh… yeah), so she also has some pretty sweet weapons. They include gum that grows after being chewed to incapsulate bad guys, gum that can be used as ropes after being chewed for a minute, and gum that can’t be broken by anything except diamonds. Since Thomas didn’t want to have a Ratboy costume, and I wasn’t sure if I could do the highly technical mechanical rat tail and rubber suit (put that off for another time), I decided just to do a Bubblegum Girl costume, much to the delight of Annie.

I started with this awful skirt that was a horrible shade of pink that made it unwearable for any of us older girls.

bubblegum girl skirt before

I had to draft out what I was going to do myself, and if was surprisingly easy. First I gathered the skirt waist just underneath the waistband, and then sewed it with a smaller stitch after it was just the right size so that it would fit over Annie’s head but still be modest. This made a cute ruffled collar, which I am very happy with. Then I made armholes by unpicking the side seams a little bit, and finally I cut the hem asymmetrically so that it dips down in the back and front. For some glam, I made her fab superhero cuffs and a fab superhero crown/headdress. I also cut eyeholes in a white-and-gold ribbon for a sparkly mask. She is wearing matching tights and crocs, because we didn’t have any suction cup shoes like Bubblegum Girl wears. The finishing thing is the white sash, which is one of my scarves, and I think the whole thing looks a little like Wonder Woman. Now I will show you the pictures from the photoshoot, and just narrate a little in my best superhero narrator voice.

Bubblegum girl with fuel!

Bubblegum Girl showing off some Starbursts that she got in gratitude from a candy store owner that she saved from being robbed.

bubblegum girl costume

Bubblegum Girl showing off the back of her fabulous costume.

bubblegum girl

Here Bubblegum Girl is feeling fab, as she rightly should. 

bubblegum girl

The famous cuffs. 

bubblegum girl mask and crown

Aaaaand the famous crown. 

bubble gum girl to the rescue

Getting ready to fight crime.

bubblegum girl fighting crime

And here we have Bubblegum Girl apprehending a criminal (Thomas in disguise- he agreed to be a felon in exchange for Starbursts) 

bubblegum girl catches the criminal

She has got him down, ladies and gentlemen!

bubblegum girl wins!

And she is sitting on him, showing us the money that she successfully recovered! 

bubblegum girl's accessories

A totes gorge feather boa.

bubblegum girl fights crime Getting down to the gritty stuff; finding out whom the criminal is!

bubblegum girl

The suspense….

bubblegum girl reveals the criminal

Aaaaaaand it’s Thomas! 

bubblegum girl wraps up another case!

He looks very sad that he was caught!

bubblegum girl celebrates

Bubblegum Girl eating a Starburst to celebrate her successful capture of the bad guy. 

bubblegum girl chews

Chewing and chewing and 

bubblegum girl chews again


 Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll have more skirt costume posts for you every week until the end of October, or thereabouts.

Stay costumed!


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