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Make a Vest from a Shirt Tutorial

vest tutorial

If you are coming over from Sew Cool For the Tween Scene, Hi and welcome!  Today we have a vest tutorial for everyone.  We promised to show you how we modified the Ethan Shirt from Sis Boom patterns to make the vest Thomas is wearing with his Ethan Shirt.  This could be done with any button up shirt pattern.

Ethan shirt

We wanted to use the Ethan Shirt pattern pieces to make the vest because we wanted it to be the same size as the Ethan Shirt we had made him so the two would fit nicely together.  So we took our pattern pieces we’d used to make the Ethan Shirt that were already cut out to the exact size we needed and folded them to make the shape we wanted for the vest.  It’s really easier to show you so here is the back piece:

vest tutorial

We placed the back yoke on top of the shirt back piece and lined them up at the armholes and pinned them in place.  Then we folded up the bottom of the back so that it ended 1/2 inch longer than we wanted the finished length.  We cut two pattern back pattern pieces of lining material.

Next we modified the front piece by folding it like this:

vest tutorial

So again we changed the bottom, but folded it into a v shape after folding up the bottom of the pattern piece to make it the right shape.  Then we folded over the edge of the shirt front to make the v shape down the front.  We cut out two of each of lining and of fabric.

For the actual sewing of the lined vest, I used this tutorial over at Shwin & Shwin.  It was perfect and looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside!  The buttons came from a vest I made myself from Pendleton wool a long time ago.  The moths had helped themselves to the Pendleton wool, and so the vest was no longer wearable!  But the buttons were useable!

Project Run and Play 80s cartoon inspired Richie Rich by Skirt Fixation

In case you are wondering, I used the free pattern and tutorial from Sew Like My Mom to sew the bow tie.  I only shortened it to match my son’s neck size.  And watched several YouTube videos to figure that part out.  But now I know!

Be sure to go over to Sew Cool for the Tween Scene tomorrow where I am reviewing the Ethan Shirt in tween sizes, which I’ve made 3 times now.  I have some photos of the tween together in their Ethan Shirts, so you don’t want to miss that!

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