Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial

Reversible Fleece Hat

Reversible Fleece Hat

Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial:

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Start with a hat that fits well on the recipient.  Start with fleece, flannel or some equally soft material.  I used fleece and a fleece baby romper.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Cut out 4 hat pieces, two that are shorter and two that are longer.  Use the existing hat for the width measurement plus a 1/4 inch.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Sew each of the matching pieces together, right sides together.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Sew a partial seam across the top on each piece.  Pinch a small seam using your fingers.  This shapes the hat to fit the head better.  (I actually only did this on my fleece material because the Bears graphic was in the way on the other piece.)

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Tuck the longer hat piece inside the smaller hat piece and line up the edges.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Sew together the two hat pieces, leaving a small 2 inch slot for turning.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Turn the hat.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Hand stitch together the opening.

reversible fleece hat tutorial

Stitch together a short amount (1 inch or less) at the top to hold 2 hat pieces together.

reversible fleece hat tutorial There you have it!  Now you have 1 hat, 2 looks.

Reversible Fleece Hat

Go Bears and no bears!  Sorry.  But you will seriously need one a reversible fleece hat when cold weather hits.

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2 thoughts on “Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial

  1. I love this hat! You even made the process sound pretty easy to a non-seamstress like me! The Bears logo definitely looks better on a tall boy’s hat than a baby romper! Way to go!! Maybe one day that bigger-than-you 14 year old will warm up to the idea of modeling!


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