The Embroiderer: Living Skirt Art

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Living Skirt Art is back with another life-like replica.  Today’s piece is inspired by the beautiful colors of the autumn season…and the skirt, of course!  As always, you can click through to our Pinterest board and be inspired by all the skirt art there too.

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

This painting is The Embroiderer (reputedly) by Telemaco Signorini.  In the 1860s, Telemaco joined a group of artists in Italy who were doing something revolutionary…painting outside to capture the natural light, shade and color.  His father was also an artist and encouraged Telemaco to study painting.

The Embroiderer ~ Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

We just had to have Allegra model this painting because she is our official embroiderer and hand sewist here at Skirt Fixation.  You can see her work here often, like the fish she embroidered, a skirt she embroidered, and some recent embroidery projects.

There is a little story about the skirt she is wearing.  Several years ago, I ordered that skirt from Long Tall Sally.  This was before they had a warehouse in the US, and you had to wait for your order to come “across the pond!”  Well, I waited the 6 weeks I thought was reasonable, and contacted Long Tall Sally.  They were profusely apologetic, decided it had been lost in the mail (post!) and sent me another.  So 2 weeks later, my skirt arrived.  I was so delighted with it (it’s silk!) and wore it happily.  Then one week later, a second skirt arrived!  So I contacted Long Tall Sally again, and it was me apologizing profusely for my impatience this time.  But they were so nice that they let me keep BOTH skirts!  So now I have 2 identical skirts…and I’m saving the second one for if/when the first one ever gets worn out!!  (Not that it will anytime soon, Long Tall Sally has really great quality.)

While I was the photographer, Allegra edited my photos to give them the same feel as the original painting.

Art brought to life by Skirt Fixation

In summary:

Painting: The Embroiderer

Artist: Telemaco Signorini

Model:  Allegra

Photography: Audrey & Allegra

Skirt:  Silk floral maxi skirt from Long Tall Sally

Any suggestions on which piece of skirt art we should be inspired by next?

Art brought to life by Skirt Fixation

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3 thoughts on “The Embroiderer: Living Skirt Art

  1. I know I don’t always take the time to say it, but I really love the Living Skirt Art you gals have been doing! It’s such a clever idea and I enjoy the attention to detail and the thought that goes into it all! Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. This is one of my favorite “sides” of your skirt site also. Learning more of both artist & sewing, what a beautiful combination…


  3. This is, like, my second comment EVER on your blog but really, I’m a very loyal follower and everything you’re doing! However, I’m the black sheep “non-sewer” (oh dear, is THAT how you spell that word? It looks vulgar!) of the family so don’t know how to leave intelligent comments about your creations!;) But being the sort-of artist of the family I wanted to say I think your living-art entries are some of my favorite. They’re creative and have ingenuity! I hope someday I can find a painting of a girl/woman in a skirt and send it to you so you can recreate it! Love, Sandy


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