A boy and his bible case

Bible case

Bible Case

This is the story of a boy and his bible case.  Once upon a time, there was boy.  He was three and he had lots of older brothers and sisters.  All of his older brothers and sisters had their own bible cases.  The boy had a very little bible.  Many of his older brothers and sisters would take turns carrying his little bible in their bible case.  It was such a little bible that it fit just about anywhere.  Even in the boy’s little pocket, if he tried.

Bible Case

But the boy was observant, and he noticed everyone else had their own bible case.  So one night he talked to his Daddy.

“Daddy, I want a bible case.  I don’t want to share with the big kids anymore.  I want my own bible case.”

Bible Case 4

Now his Daddy had noticed that the boy tried very hard to sit still in worship services and seemed to be listening, and he wanted to help the boy love the worship services as much as he did.  So he said, “I will help you get your own bible case.  I will ask Mommy make your own very special bible case for your little bible.”

Bible Case

So the request was passed on to Mommy.  And Mommy bought some special bible case material and took measurements from a big bible case and sized them down to fit a little bible.  She found some special tractor fabric to line the inside, and little metal zipper just right for little hands.  And after several hours of work, she finished the little bible case.

Bible Case

The next Sunday, Daddy called the boy to him, set him on his knee and said, “Do you remember when I promised to help you get your own, special bible case?  Well, today, you will be able to carry your little bible in your own special bible case.”

Bible Case

So he gave the boy the little bible case and the boy put his little bible in the little case, and he was happy.  Now he could carry a bible case just like his big brothers and sisters.  He could unzip the little bible case and get his bible out all by himself.  He didn’t even notice that Mommy had sewn the outside pocket on upside down.  He was just so happy with his own special little bible case.

Bible Case


The End.  Or maybe, The Beginning!

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2 thoughts on “A boy and his bible case

  1. this is great, I hope this is the beginning for this little boy. To love the Bible is the the best journey we can go on. So touching. Way to go mom and dad.


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