Circle Skirt Tutorial using Narrow Fabric

Skirt Fixation circle skirt tutorial

If you find a circle skirt tutorial on the internet, it will probably require you to use 60” wide fabric.  This makes sense because when you actually make a circle skirt, you cut a circle in the center for the waistband, and a wider circle using the whole width of the fabric for the length of the skirt.  And unless you are making a circle skirt for a girl, or you want a really short one, you have to use 60” wide fabric.  And then it ends about midi length.  So what do you do if you want a longer circle skirt or you want to use narrow fabric?  Well, there a couple of options.

First option: Cut two 1/2 circles on the edges of your fabric and sew them together at the sides.  This uses an extraordinary amount of fabric, wastes a lot, and sometimes the seams can hang longer or unevenly.  But it does accomplish the purpose.  So we found another way.

Circle Skirt Tutorial Using Narrow Fabric

Skirt Fixation circle skirt tutorial

2.  Make extensions on the sides of your fabric where the widest part of the circle will cross.  This eliminates the issue with the seams hanging uneven because the extension is not heavy.  And very little fabric is wasted.

Skirt Fixation circle skirt tutorial

This photo shows the cut lines.  You can see that without the extensions, the length of the skirt would have been much shorter!

Skirt Fixation circle skirt tutorial

And after it’s cut out.  Can you spot the extensions?  With fabric this busy, they are really hard to find!

Skirt Fixation circle skirt tutorial

Here you can see a close up of where the extension is, but it’s almost invisible on the finished skirt.  Of course if you match your patterns, this seam line will disappear entirely.  And when she spins, who would ever know?

Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

There are so many delightful 44/45” fabrics available, and now you can make a circle skirt from them too, using our circle skirt tutorial and narrow fabric.  We chose to use this fabric from Urban Sew.  It’s called Oopsy Daisy, from Westminster fabrics, and is part of their La Dee Da line by Erin McMorris.  Right now, it’s only $6 per yard which is a screaming good deal!

Our favorite circle skirt pattern is the Drop & Twirl Circle Skirt from Jocole Patterns. Combine these two things with our circle skirt tutorial for narrow fabric, and start spinning!

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