Liberty Of London Fabric Swap

Edited to add: Allegra has decided to offer a very limited run of 4 custom made pillows you see in this post.  To raise funds for a summer writing workshop she wants to attend, she will custom make 4 more of these.  She is asking $75 each.  The finished piece of artwork will be 10 inches across and framed in an embroidery hoop.  1-3 states of the buyers choosing can be made with Liberty of London fabric.  If you are interested, leave a comment or email us at  Thanks!

If you’re following us on Instagram, then you know we’ve discovered the wonderful world of swaps!  Basically you sign up for a themed swap, are assigned a secret partner (and someone is assigned to you) and then the fun begins.  Although the first swap we completed was the scarf swap, the very first one we signed up for was the Liberty Of London Swap.  Everyone has probably heard of Liberty of London, and their lines of fabric are breathtakingly gorgeous.  And expensive.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationThe first step was to figure out what to make for our secret partner.  Our secret partner was Megan from Sew Stitching Cute.  In her inspiration photo, she included a little pear pincushion…the very same one we’d posted to our Pinterest inspiration board!  So a pear pincushion was a must.  We mentioned in this post that we prototyped one from fabric in our stash, before using the expensive Liberty of London fabric.

Megan mentioned initially that she’d love a sewing notions bag, so we made her a Sew Together bag.  You may remember our post about the first Sew Together bag we made, using fabric from our stash.  We used Liberty of London fabric to make the teeny-tiny quilt square for the front of the bag, and Liberty of London fabric for the bias tape.  And the fabric inside the bag is Liberty of London too!

From browsing through her blog, we discovered the Megan likes to put zipper pulls on things she makes, and so we had to put a little frog zipper pull on the Sew Together bag.  Why a frog?  From following Megan on Instagram we discovered she loves frogs!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationWe also knew that Megan loves pillows.  While stalking browsing her Pinterest boards, we saw one labeled 50 state quilt blocks.  This was the inspiration behind the pillow Allegra (with a little help from Aria) made.

Because Megan lives in Missouri and was born and raised in California, those two states are made from Liberty of London fabric rather than embroidered.  Megan says this is her favorite thing from the whole package!  And to tell the truth, it’s the thing we had the hardest time parting from!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationWe stuffed the Sew Together bag with sewing notions and edible treats we knew Megan loves.  Some more zipper pull charms, a cute little scissors, some glass head pins.  We don’t know if she embroiders, but the frog embroidery patterns were too cute to pass up!  And last of all, we were encouraged to include some small pieces of Liberty of London fabric.

We decided to send Megan a fat quarter of some Liberty of London fabric from the new Alice In Wonderland line because it reminded us so much of the pillow she made for her secret partner during the first Liberty Of London swap!

We got our bias tape from Liberty Haberdashery on Etsy.  The rest of the Liberty of London fabric we got from DuckaDilly.  We owned NO Liberty of London fabric before this swap!  That’s the Sew My Stash 2015 reality check for this post right there folks!

Now for what we received!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationOur partner must have been stalking us too!  @3stitchin_nite_owls had us for a secret partner.  We were delighted with every item we received.  First up is a beautiful tote bag with Liberty of London fabric artfully gracing it.  So amazingly beautiful!  But we are NOT going to just sit and look at it; nope, it’s already made a trip to the fabric store!!

Also, our partner made us a hot pad with Liberty of London fabric across the front and back.  And for extras she sent us some Liberty of London fabric (yeah!  We used up almost everything we ordered!) and some DIY piping (she must have found out about our little love affair with piping!)  The tea and the chocolate we suggested, but how on earth did she know our FAVORITE kinds?  We’re certain we’ve never mentioned it.

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationAll in all, we had a very successful and delightful first swap experience.  We’re so touched that Megan loves our gifts because she is an amazing quilter.  We were scared to send her any of our handiwork, but she received it so well that we feel all warm and fuzzy!  And the gifts we received we will treasure for a very, very long time.  (Well, the chocolate won’t last very long…)  In fact, we enjoyed this swap adventure so much we already signed up for another one, the Cotton And Steel Mini Quilt Swap.  Stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Liberty Of London Fabric Swap

  1. I am so glad that you’re enjoying the tote! That was a lucky call with the chocolates and tea! I honestly just got what I like.


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