A Little Schoolgirl: Living Skirt Art

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Since it has (finally) begun to warm up, we have decided to create another skirt art!  If you’re new to Skirt Fixation, you may not have seen one of our Skirt Art creations.  We take a piece of art with a skirt in it and imitate it to the best of our ability!

Living Skirt Art by Skirt FixationThis time, we decided to recreate A Little Schoolgirl by Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen. He was born on Oct 8, 1813 in Bremen, Germany. When he was 21, he went to the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. In 1841 he opened his own studio, but as he got more famous, moved to Berlin. This oil painting was painted in 1875 Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen died on Dec 4, 1886.

Living Skirt Art by Skirt FixationOne of the things I (Aria) like about A Little Schoolgirl is the pose, and the way the artist captured the look in her eyes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture that look as it was sunny, and in many of the pictures Annie was squinting. It didn’t really help that I was squinting too!

Here’s a neat little thing Annie and I figured out: it looks like the little schoolgirl in the photo used the same reading book Annie is using to learn how to read! We use the McGuffy readers, and our Dad learned to read using them too. The little illustrations and cute old time stories with morals are fun when you are learning to read.

In Summary:

Painting: A Little Schoolgirl

Artist: Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

Model: Annie

Photography: Aria

Skirt: Same one as in Young Girl With Goat and Flowers

Living Skirt Art by Skirt FixationIf you want to see the previous posts we’ve made using Skirt Art, just click on the “Skirt Art” category at the end of this post, or in the sidebar. We also have 2 Pinterest boards (Skirt Art (Paintings) and Skirt Art (Illustrations)) where we compile works of art with skirts in them! We would love any suggestions on what piece of skirt art to recreate next!

 Skirt Art (Paintings) and Skirt Art (Illustrations)

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2 thoughts on “A Little Schoolgirl: Living Skirt Art

  1. Such a beautiful painting. Your version is adorable. I went to Miami university in oxford, Ohio – a long time ago. My roommate was an education major. Most of her classes were in mcguffy hall. She said the books were developed there, by him, while he was a professor. Keep up the skirt art please. I love it!


  2. I always love these and was thinking you hadn’t done one for a while.
    I like the addition, in the background, of the barn especially. But especially the attention to detail with the hint at a pinafore by using a strap over the shoulder.
    Well done,
    Sandy in the UK


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