4H Embroidery Update

Time for another embroidery update! Or maybe downdate, because today I’m showing you a few of my past 4-H projects.

4H embroidery updateFirst off is a quilt that I made. The patterns were from a mother and daughter set. Before starting the actual embroidering, I painted the fabric with the help of a dear friend (the same one who taught me to embroider.)  After embroidering the white squares, I sewed them onto a large square of pink fleece. I planned to tie the edges, and that way it would be a blanket.  Dad stepped in, though, and suggested that I use higher-quality fabrics and backing and make it into something that will last and eventually even be an heirloom. He even went to the fabric store and helped me pick out fabrics!

Yeah, I have to admit; whatever Dad helps us with usually turns out pretty great. So I did have to go through the boredom of ripping the embroidered squares off of the pink fleece stuff, but then we got to sew the squares onto beautiful dark brown fabric. We put a flowered backing on, and between the backing and the front, we put a pretty pink ruffle.

embroidered quiltAround the embroidered squares is matching ribbon. My least favorite part of it is the fact that I used white embroidery floss for their bonnets, and so the bonnets tend to fade into the white fabric.

embroidery mother and daughterMy favorite part is the painting/shading; it really makes it so much more than just line embroidery!

Here’s a fish that I did for 4H a while back. I started out with an iron-on fish pattern and then went from there.  I added a significant amount of scales to the pattern.  I did want an oriental feel, and I wanted it to match the walls in my room, so I did it in shades of red.

embroidered fishThis was my first big time using knots, and I was pretty surprised that they looked as good as they did!  My least favorite part is the purple flower, which I think kind of offsets the red and blue. If I were to do it again, I would leave out the flower and just do the minimalist fish and water. My favorite part is the shiny gold accents – they are so pretty!

embroidered vase of flowers by Skirt FixationThe most recent 4H embroidery project is this vase of flowers.  Instead of using an iron-on pattern this time, I found a picture that I liked on the Internet and printed it out, then drew it onto the fabric.  I love all the color!  This was the first time that I used satin stitch on the majority of the project, and overall I like the finished result.

Dad has helped me pick out the mats and frames on both of my framed projects, and the frames really compliment the stitching. My least favorite part of this project is the fact that the vase is relatively bare; I wish I had filled it in a bit more. My favorite part of this project is the decorative stitching on the vase; I adore the blue and gold together!

Liberty of London fabric swap gifts made by Skirt FixationRight now I’m working on embroidering the United States.  I’ve taken a couple of custom orders, and they are turning out so pretty!  I am still willing to take orders for 2 more.  The finished work will be approximately 10 inches across.  You can choose up to 3 states in Liberty of London fabric.  I’m asking $75 each.  Send me an email (skirtfixation@gmail.com) if you’re interested, or send a liberty loving friend a link to this post.  I’m trying to raise money for a summer workshop I want to attend!

Here’s another post about of my embroidery work!

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6 thoughts on “4H Embroidery Update

  1. I love it all!! Wish I had the knack– embroidery just looks like a “cozy” pasttime to me! I love the picture choices, the colors and stitches used. Keep up the beautiful work!!


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