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Embroidered United States Map in Neutrals

Embroidered United States Map


Embroidered United States MapA while ago, I said that I’d be doing four more of these embroidered United States map pillows for $75 each.  Well, I got taken up on that offer, and I’m glad I did, because this first one turned out so pretty!  Embroidered United States MapThe lady that requested this from me asked that I do the states in shades of neutrals, with her special states in red Liberty of London fabric.  As you can see, she asked for four states to be in Liberty fabric, which I was able to do.  Hawaii and Alaska are also on this piece, because I happened to find a better pattern, which I hadn’t found when I did the pillow.  So this embroidered United States has all 50 states!  Embroidered United States MapShe asked that it be framed instead of made into a pillow, so we got it framed in this lovely black frame, which sets off the neutrals beautifully.  I just finished working on another embroidered United States, which has purple Liberty of London fabric in the same scheme as the original pillow, although it will be framed too.  Hopefully I’ll get that one up for you to see as well!  Embroidered United States MapMy favorite part of this embroidery project is how clean it looks when it’s done.  I love how the satin stitch lines go different ways and really outline the different states.  I also did a neat little stitch around the exposed edges of California, New York, and Florida in cream, which holds it on there nicely.  I kind of want to do one in shades of blue or something after this- I really like the aesthetic!  Anyway, catch ya later!


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