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Inkodye Sunprint T-shirts

Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationThe traveling theme of Kids Clothes Week inspired me to finally try something new that I’ve been wanting to for over a year!  I used the sun to print fabric! Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationInkodye projects have been catching my eye and I even bought a kit last year for the Project Run & Play theme, Make Your Own Fabric.  But then the sun never came out, I was pregnant, and we did this project instead. Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationAs part of my inspiration post as a Kids Clothes Week contributor, I featured an Inkodye rocket project, and was determined to pull out the kit and try it again.
I was disgusted I had waited so long to try it after I found out how easy it is!  
While there are a few little things I’ll do differently next time, I am so thrilled with the way these Inkodye t-shirts turned out! Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationFirst the changes:  1.  Next time I will make sure to choose photos to work with that have lots of contrast.  You can see more contrast in Thomas’s horse shirt than in David’s construction shirt.  That’s because there’s not much color contrast in construction equipment.  Not that David has even noticed, much less complained!!  
Change #2.  Next time I will use less Inkodye liquid.  As you can see, I slopped a little around the edges.  While I love this grunge-y look, it did use up more of the liquid than necessary.  Which means less liquid left for more projects!Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationAnd (needless to say) this was ridiculously easy and there will be more Inkodye sun printing projects around here soon!
Now the particulars.
I used this kit to create the shirts: Inkodye Print Fabric with Light kit Blue

I followed these instructions to the letter.

I used the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt pattern, size 5 for David, size 8 for Thomas.

Fabric: The navy fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics organic solid knit from Imagine Gnats.  The white is cotton knit from JoAnn Fabrics.

Process:  I cut out the shirt fronts, sun printed them, laundered them, and then sewed up the shirts patterns. 
The photo on Thomas’ shirt is a vintage photo of Roy Rogers riding his horse, Trigger.  These two are some of Thomas’ favorite characters.   And it’s pretty well been established how much Thomas loves horses and cowboys.  Like here.  And here.  And here.Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt FixationThe boys were literally waiting for me to take these off the sewing machine, and tried them immediately on. 
Actually, I had to make them take the shirts back off so I could hem them!  David went to bed in his Inkodye shirt last night too!
I love these rough and tumble boys and was so delighted for a chance to make them some special t-shirts while learning a new skill, Inkodye sun printing!Inkodye t-shirts for boys created and sewn by Skirt Fixation

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