Oliver+S Parachute Polo Shirts

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt FixationIt is so rewarding to sew something for my boys!  Just look at these two in their new polo shirts, does it get any cuter?

I’ve had my eye on the Oliver+S Parachute Polo Shirt pattern ever since it was released this spring.  Now we have both the patterns (the entire Spring 2015 release from Oliver+S) and we’ve already made the Butterfly Blouse & Skirt.

Their older sisters love to dress these two boys in matching polo shirts.  I just knew Liesl, of Oliver+S could help me learn to make them some new polo shirts.

Then I found the most irresistible fabric at Fabricworm.  It’s organic knit fabric from their new Serengeti line of fabric.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

These two prints come in several different colors, and I’m so tempted to buy a bunch more and make them ALL. THE. POLO. SHIRTS.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

For the most part, the Parachute Polo Shirt pattern is a breeze to construct and sew.  I did run into a little trouble when it came to folding the button placket and attaching the collar, but anyone who can keep track of their lefts and rights would have no problem!  (It’s been a long struggle, just ask my Mom!)

So I finally came to accept the slightly asymmetrical collar after unpicking and resewing the placket and collar multiple times.  I’m betting that no one will really notice or care because they’ll be so distracted by the cuteness oozing from these two in their Parachute Polo Shirts.

Because of the mistake, I eliminated the top button (the pattern calls for 3 buttons.)  But we rarely use that button on their other polo shirts if they even have them~I’ve purchased several that don’t use 3 buttons.

For the elephant shirt, I started with a fabric called The Herd Shroom, and went with a brown linen for the collar, placket and pocket.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

This boy was so delighted that I was sewing for him when I took his measurements.  He must have asked me 100 times if his shirt was ready yet!  (And he reminded me that I made him an elephant shirt last year!)

On the giraffe shirt, I started with fabric called Giraffe Fam Pool, I used Cotton+Steel double gauze fabric for the collar, placket and contrasting pocket.

This little boy didn’t have any idea what I was doing with the tape measure when I took his measurements, and when we put him on the table for the photo shoot, he just stood there in wonder as we snapped away.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

We use baby signs with our children when they are babies, and in this photo, you can see David doing the sign for elephant while his brother checks out the giraffes on his own shirt.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

We weren’t fast enough to catch the baby doing the sign for giraffe because he does it so fast, but every time after he signed “giraffe” he would bust out laughing and give himself a round of applause!

I’m really looking forward to making this pattern again.  I’m determined to get that collar on right, and there are so many cute fabric options!  The hard part will be deciding which fabric to use next!

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

Probably because I was making them short sleeves, I was actually able to get these shirts out of 1/2 yards of fabric instead of the 1 yard the pattern calls for, so that makes them totally affordable.

Parachute Polo Shirts sewn by Skirt Fixation

Stay tuned for the next time we sew up some Parachute Polo shirts!

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