Charming Tee & Dress Pattern Review

Charming Tee and Dress pattern review by Skirt Fixation

Charming Tee and Dress pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The final piece of clothing from the Flower Market look in our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection is the Charming Tee.  Like the Slim Trouser leggings we were reviewing yesterday, our version of the Charming Tee is a foundation piece.  After all, not every piece of clothing can be an explosion of floral!  (Although you might think Annie and I wish that was possible!)  Modern Chloris sewn by Skirt FixationThe Charming Tee & Dress pattern, by Lil Luxe Collection, can be either a basic tee, or something, well, charming!  The Charming Tee & Dress pattern comes in 8 sizes from 18 months to 8 years.  The pattern is well written, no mistakes, and full of helpful instructions for sewing with knits, lengthening or shortening the pattern, and different looks.  And yet I changed up the pattern even more!

Charming Tee and Dress pattern review by Skirt Fixation

The Charming Tee & Dress pattern has a hole in the center of the back where you can insert a charm if desired.  I made the tankini from the Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection using this look.  But for the Flower Market look we wanted more of a fall look, and on those chilly fall mornings, a large hole in the back of one’s shirt isn’t exactly warm.  So we sandwiched a piece of fabric (Fish Scholeio Intense from the Skopelos line, provided by Art Gallery Fabrics) between the back piece and the back lining.  Then, instead of sewing them right sides sides together and turning the lining to the inside, I simple topstitched around the hole, similar to the reverse applique technique.  Of course since the edges won’t fray since it’s knit.  The other change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves.  Tall people (and people with tall mothers) have long arms too!Charming Tee and Dress pattern review by Skirt Fixation

Oh that Deep Dark Ocean knit!  It’s my absolute favorite solid knit fabric, again from Art Gallery Fabrics.  I have a top made out of this fabric and can testify to it’s comfort and softness.  There has been no pilling on anything we’ve made out of Art Gallery Fabrics knit fabric, and believe me, they get a lot of wear.  Like this skirt…it’s now being worn constantly by Aria (I originally made it for Allegra) and still no pilling!

Annie loves the fit and comfort of this tee.  I’m glad to have a great basic t-shirt pattern to add to her wardrobe.  Next I’m going to make her a solid white Charming Tee because she really needs one for fall.Charming Tee and Dress pattern review by Skirt Fixation

Here’s the flat lay collage to show you how well the Charming Tee works with the other pieces of our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection.  What about you, what’s your favorite basic t-shirt pattern?  Does it allow you to mix it up like this one?

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