Rouche & Division Top Pattern Review

Rouche & Division Top reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Modern Chloris sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today, let’s revisit the second look for our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection.  And we’ll take it from the top…the Rouche and Division Top from Lil Luxe Collection, that is!

The Rouche and Division Top comes in 8 sizes, from 18 months to 8 years.  This top can be made with either knit or woven fabrics, or both, like we did!.  Once again, it’s the little details that make this Lil Luxe Collection pattern special.  There is the rouching on the sleeves, and the optional paneled back with a little pleat at the top as well as the swinging shape.  The instructions are short and easy, and you could probably whip up several of these tops in an hour or so.

Rouche  & Division Top reviewed by Skirt Fixation

We used Art Gallery Fabrics solid knit fabric in a color called Strawberry Kiss.  How’s that for happy?  We’ve already said many times how much we love the durability and softness of Art Gallery Fabrics knit fabric, and this is no exception.  For the accent panel in the back, we used a fabric called Melograno Pomeberry from the sea colorway of the Skopelos line of fabric by Katarina Roccella.

Rouche  & Division Top reviewed by Skirt Fixation

One special little detail we added was the lace flower cutout (from the same curtain we used for the lace on the leggings!) hand sewed on by Allegra.

Rouche  & Division Top reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Annie loves the swingy or twirly effect of this top, just like she loves twirly skirts!  We called our second look, “Aquatic Countryside.”  Annie, our Modern Chloris, wore this boat neck top and voile maxi skirt layered over the tankini we made for this look.  This outfit is really a perfect cover up on the way to and after a dip in any body of water!

Rouche  & Division Top reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Because we used fabric from the same line for our whole Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection, it’s actually possible and even coordinating to wear two prints at the same time.  As you can see from the flat lay photo.  One other really neat aspect of the Rouche and Division Top is that is totally reversible!  Annie has fun wearing the panel in the front too.

My favorite part of the Rouche & Division Top is the rouching on the sleeves.  Tomorrow we’ll be back for a full review of that luscious maxi skirt!

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