Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)

Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation. All fabric and pattern sources listed.

Tis the season to make pajamas!  Last year I made pajama pants for (almost) all of my kids, and this year I decided to treat myself to some new pajamas.

When you are a 6 foot tall woman, pajama pants that fit just don’t exist unless you’re willing to put forth some large amounts of money or make them yourself.  The last (and only) pair I bought for myself more years ago than I can remember were so worn out that it finally came down to Mr. Skirt Fixation throwing them away.  Yeah, they were really that bad!  So this time I decided to sew some for myself.

I turned to one of my favorite pattern companies, Jocole.  You may remember when we sewed up all their skirt patterns for All The Skirts: Jocole & Urban Sew.  They don’t have a pajama pattern, but I was pretty sure their Ladies Basic Leggings pattern could be modified into exactly what I wanted.  I added a cuff to the bottom of the leggings and BAM!  instant pajama pants.   (It was super SUPER easy to do, and I’ve got a tutorial for how to add cuffs to the Basic Leggings pattern on the Jocole blog today.)

I did make one other modification to the Ladies Basic Leggings pattern.  The finished inseam (without the cuff) is 30 inches.  My inseam is 36 inches.  So I added 5 inches and the cuff, and these are actually long enough!  I’m so delighted I’m ready to whip up another 5000 pairs for myself!  This pattern comes in sizes XS to XXXL, so it’s pretty much going to work for anyone.  And with just one pattern piece, the prep work goes like lightening. I love the way the elastic waist is inserted, and as with all Jocole patterns we’ve sewn, the instructions are thorough and well illustrated.

For a pajama shirt, I turned to one of my most comfortable shirt patterns, the Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade.  I’ve made this pattern so many times it was fast and easy to whip out another shirt.  Here are 5 reasons why the Lane Raglan makes a perfect pajama shirt: 1-no itchy shoulder seams.  2-long sleeves for cold winter nights. 3-cuffs to keep the sleeves in place while you’re sleeping. 4-waistband keeps the shirt down while you’re sleeping. 5-perfect neckband, not too tight, not too loose, juuuuust right!  (I used the updated neckband this time, and the neckband came out perfectly!!)

For my pajama fabric, I turned to Craftsy.  Did you know that as well as offering classes and patterns (like our FREE Pegasus Skirt pattern) they also have crafting supplies?  When I saw this rayon knit ombre knit fabric, I just had to have it! Here’s the (affiliate) link, it’s called Midnight Ombre Floral Knit Fabric.  And it turned out perfectly for my new pajamas.

Since both these patterns were so easy and fast to construct and Aria has had a huge growth spurt, I decided to whip out another pajama set for her. Using the same patterns I made her some Ladies Basic Leggings (no cuff, and only 3 extra inches added to the inseam) and a Lane Raglan.  Her fabric was leftover from this skirt I made myself.  The black fabric on both our pajama sets came from Girl Charlee.

All PJs

These pajama sets were so quick and easy to make I think I will be making myself a few more pairs.  After all, why limit yourself to just one pair of pajamas when sewing them is this rewarding?  Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself.

Do you make (or buy) pajamas this time of year?  Please share your sources in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)

  1. COOL, yes way COOL!! Love both your pajama sets — one sewn for yourself using a rayon knit fabric and the second pair for Aroa– in different black and white fabrics! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis


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