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2016 Goals for Skirt Fixation

Last week we summarized our 2015 blogging year, and today we’re talking about our goals for 2016.  We’ve got some pretty exciting things planned and the continuation of your favorite series as well.  There are several events and sewing things under wraps for now, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can about those.

New Series

Friday we got to announce our new gig with Project Run & Play.  That’s one thing we can tell you about.  We’re so honored to be a part of that sewing event with so many talented people.


Another new event is called My Sister’s Quilts.  You see, I have a sister who sews and quilts.  She appeared on the blog once way back in the early days.  But she has seriously amazing sewing talents.  She’s sewn baby quilts for all her nieces and nephews, and we’re going to catalog those this year.  Prepare to be stunned and inspired!


In the all new Skirt vs Skirt series we will be comparing two skirt patterns.  Sometimes patterns are similar, and you don’t really know which one to choose.  This is where we come in!  We’ll be comparing and contrasting two skirts each post to help you make a decision.

Continuing Series

Graphic Template Large

All The Skirts will continue.  Bring on the giveaways!  There are so many skirt patterns out there we don’t anticipate ending this series any time soon.  And we’re really happy about that!

Living Skirt Art

One of our most popular series Living Skirt Art is returning.  You’re welcome!  We’re sorry we let that slip, and we promise it’s going to be bigger and better than before.  But that’s all we can say right now.


Together with Becca, we’ll be bringing you the next season of Top Stitchers over at Sewing Stadium.  And that’s definitely all we can say about that right now.  But we’ll keep you updated.

Buy or DIY Skirt comparison by Skirt Fixation

The Buy or DIY Skirts series will continue as well.  This one we love because we get to show you how affordable and worthwhile sewing your own clothes can be over and over again.

Large Graphic

Another crowd pleaser we will bring back with your help is the Ugly Skirt Challenge.  Here’s how you can help us with this one; if you want us to send you an ugly skirt to refashion, drop us an email at

Spring 2015

Skirt Awards will go on.  As long as there are skirts, we will give them awards.  End of story.

Personal Goals

We’ve got lots of things we want to sew, and since we know this list will be a constantly evolving thing instead of listing them here, we’ve started a Pinterest board called 2016 Sewing Plans where we will curate this list.


I have two stretch goals this year.  1-I want to meet other sewing bloggers.  At least 3.  2-I want to sew something for Mr. Skirt Fixation.  Both of these things terrify me, so to keep it simple (and because there are several goals that involve the aforementioned unmentionable things) I’m going to keep it to those two.

Allegra: I got a sewing softies book recently, so like Aria, I’d like to get into dolls or stuffed animals; plenty of palette for my embroidery! I’d also like to make more homemade gifts for (at least) my family, I’ll have to do lots of planning ahead for this one!

Aria: I want to continue working on my quilt, and try making a softie.

Annie:  I want to keep learning about embroidery.  I would also like to learn how to make a whole outfit all by myself.

Yikes!  That’s a lot of skirts happening.  What are you most excited to see on Skirt Fixation?

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Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

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