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Molly VS Lottie {Skirt VS Skirt}

Comparison of these two skirt patterns by Skirt Fixation

Today we are introducing you to two lovely young skirts. Here on the right, ladies and gentlemen, we have Molly, a sweet and timeless garment designed by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, (affiliate link) and on the left we have Lottie, a playful and humorous little skirt designed by Violette Field Threads. They have many things in common, buuuuut they also have some unique differences.

Round 1: Pattern

Let’s talk about what these two patterns have in common first. They both are little girl skirts with suspenders.  Lottie and Molly both love tea parties, stuffed bears and shiny things.  The instructions are both illustrated with photos.

Now the differences.

Sizes: Molly skirt can be made in 11 different sizes from 3 months to 8 years

The Lottie can be made in 8 sizes from 2T to 10

Number of pattern pieces:  Molly has 0 pattern pieces, just dimensions (0 pieces of paper.)

Lottie skirt has 3 pattern pieces and uses 16 pieces of paper if you print all the sizes and variations.  You can choose to print just the variation you are making, and this will cut down on the amount of paper used.

Price:  As of this date, the Molly skirt costs $7.95 and the Lottie skirt costs $8.95.  The Lottie skirt can also be purchased as a paper pattern, both are available as PDFs.

Round 2: Variations

Both these skirts can be varied easily in length by adding or subtracting from the hemline.  Another common variation for both is to eliminate the suspenders, like we did when we sewed the Molly Skirt.  Molly likes warm bakeries with the smell of fresh bread and libraries full of picture books. The Lottie skirt has three different strap variations: plain, pleated (the one we sewed) or scalloped, as well as 3 different hem variations: plain, scalloped or double (this one we sewed.)  The Forest Friends pockets can be added to the Lottie skirt.  Lottie enjoys picturesque meadows, woodland streams and Sunday picnics.  Lottie will find fairies for you, and Molly will find a book about fairies to increase your knowledge.

Round 3: Sewing

Time: The Molly skirt can be sewn in about 1 hour.  The Lottie skirt can be sewn in 2 hours, Forest Friends pockets add additional time.

Fabric:  Both of these patterns recommend using woven fabrics.  The Molly skirt requires 1.25 yards (for the largest size) and the Lottie skirt uses 2.5 yards (for the largest size with a double hem.)

Notions: The Molly skirt required buttons and a hook and eye.  The Lottie skirt requires elastic for the side elastic panels.

Round 4: Fit/Style

The Molly skirt is an exact fit skirt on the narrow waistband.  Then it flares out due to the tight gathers.  The suspenders run parallel to each other.  The Lottie skirt will probably fit the wearer longer due to the elastic at the wide waistband.  It is also gathered below the fitted waistband.  The suspenders are v-shaped, beginning in the center front and back. Both Molly and Lottie definitely agree on one thing; ice cream parlors are the best!

Molly VS Lottie graphic

And the winner is:

You!  If you choose to sew either one of these skirts, you are bound to be very happy, and wearing a hand made skirt.  Plus, you will have an excuse to reward yourself with a trip to the ice cream parlor; don’t forget to take Lottie and Molly!  Now to the playground for recess!

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Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

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