New Year’s Resolution #1 Update

New Years Resolution #1 update

If you remember waaaay back to January when we posted our New Year’s Resolutions, I only had 2 goals.  I’ve added a 3rd with Project Sew It, but I figured if I keep it simple, I’m more likely to succeed, right?

New Years Resolution #1 update

So this rather short blog post is to show the progress I’ve made on one of those goal: sew something for Mr. Skirt Fixation.  He requested a pair of shorts for pjs.  So I traced his favorite pair of ready to wear shorts, and made him a new pair.  He likes the fit.  I haven’t seen him wearing them too often, but he says he’s waiting for warmer weather, so we’ll see.

New Years Resolution #1 update

Oh, and I’ve also hemmed 2 pairs of jeans for him, but that hardly counts and wasn’t what I meant with my New Year’s Resolution.  If you’re a fellow seamstress, you’ll appreciate how much I must care for Mr. Skirt Fixation by fulfilling his hemming request!  Also, I still want to make something for Mr. Skirt Fixation that’s a little more complicated than this, but I decided to test the waters with this easy one!

New Years Resolution #1 update

The other handmade item in today’s post is a pair for pj pants I made for Thomas.  Remember when I intended to make him a horse pair but messed up the fabric and his younger brothers profited?  Well, since I still owed him pj pants, I made him these for Valentines Day.  He loves them, as evidenced by the severe amount of pilling already on these!  I seriously had to sneak them away to get a photograph.  So much for my policy of not giving the item to the recipient until I’ve photographed it for the blog!  Also, these pj pants and the above shorts for Mr. Skirt Fixation attest to the fact that my ability to trace RTW clothing is improving.  I really would love to use a pattern for PJs, so leave me your favorite, both kid and adult, in the comments below.

Newborn Toggenburg goat from the Skirt Fixation farm

And finally, this is not a handmade item, but pretty high on the awwwww factor scale, so you’re welcome!  Spring on the farm has arrived!

If you follow us on Instagram, 1/2 of this is old news.  So if you want this information in real time, follow us!

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