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Betty VS Perfectly Preppy {Skirt VS Skirt}

A through comparison by Skirt Fixation of the Betty Skirt by Shaffer Sisters and the Perfectly Preppy Skirt by Scientific Seamstress.

A through comparison by Skirt Fixation of the Betty Skirt by Shaffer Sisters and the Perfectly Preppy Skirt by Scientific Seamstress.

This is the tale of two young friends; Betty on the left and Preppy on the right. They had much in common, were the greatest pals, and their differences only made them similarly unique! If they chose one day to go to the country, that was no problem; Betty (a pattern by Shaffer Sisters) lived on a little farm with sweet gardens and cow pastures. If they chose to spend the day in the city, that was no problem either, Preppy (a pattern from Scientific Seamstress) knew all the best small bookstores and tea shops.

Round 1: Pattern

Let’s talk about what these two patterns have in common first.  They both have a yoke, and elastic waist, and options for a pleated or gathered skirt.  They both love tea parties, walks in the park, and crayon drawings.  The illustrations are drawn in both patterns.   Both Betty and Perfectly Preppy have instructions for making a matching doll pattern.

Now the differences:

Sizes: Betty can be made in 29 sizes from newborn to 16X.  Perfectly Preppy can be made in 13 sizes from 6 months to 12 years.

Number of Pattern Pieces:  This is really dependent on which size and variation you make, so for purposes of this comparison, we’re going to use the version with large pleats in a size 5.   Betty has  2 pattern pieces (11 pages to print.)  Perfectly Preppy has 2 pattern pieces (9 pages to print.)

Price:  As of this date, the Betty Skirt costs $9 while the Perfectly Preppy Skirt is $7.50. Also, Betty would rather stay home and play with her pretend kitchen, while Preppy never misses a visit to the bookstore 🙂

Round 2: Variations

Betty has 4 style options, gathered, small pleats, large pleats and gathered with a placket.  Perfectly Preppy has 4 style variations, gathered or pleated, circle or rhumba.  It has instructions for adding a lining if desired.  Perfectly Preppy has optional shorts underneath.  Also, Perfectly Preppy has an option for double thickness pleats.  Finally, Perfectly Preppy offers several length variations.

Round 3: Sewing

Time:  Both of these skirt will take 2+ hours to sew.  Some of the variations may add extra time.

Fabric: Both skirts require 1.5 yards of fabric for a pleated size 5.

Notions: Both skirts require elastic.  The placket variation on the Betty Skirt will require buttons as well.

Round 4: Fit/Style

Both the Betty Skirt and the Perfectly Preppy Skirt have a similar fit and style.  We’ve made the Betty Skirt 3 times (Seaside theme, Honeybee theme and a refashioned one.)  We’ve sewn the Perfectly Preppy Skirt once.

And the winner is:

You!  If you choose to sew either one of these skirts, you are sure to have a very happy customer, who’s outfitted in a really cute skirt.  Our Skirt VS Skirt series is designed to help you decide which of the two wonderful skirt patterns we’re comparing is the right one for you.  We own both these patterns and have sewed them both, so we know what we’re talking about!  Which skirt patterns would you like to see compared next?

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