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Tilly VS Gemma {Skirt VS Skirt}


Tilly VS Gemma

A complete comparison of the Tilly Skirt and the Gemma Skirt.

This is the tale of two skirts, the Gemma Skirt pattern (by Violette Field Threads) on the left and the Tilly Skirt pattern by (Simple Life Pattern Company) on the right.  Most cousins are different, and Tilly and Gemma are too! They both love the park, doing each other’s hair, and TWIRLING!!!  After all, they are both circle skirts!  They also have differences and sometimes argue, but it always fixes itself.  More on that later!

Round 1: Pattern

Let’s talk about what these two patterns have in common first.  First and most obviously, they both are circle skirts. The illustrations are photographs in both patterns.  They both love to pick flowers and have a picnic lunch!

Now the differences:

Sizes: Gemma can be made in 7 sizes from 2T to 10.  Tilly can be made in 9 sizes from 2T to 12.

Number of Pattern Pieces:  This is really dependent on which size and variation you make, so for purposes of this comparison, we’re going to use the size 5.   Gemma has 4 pattern pieces (13 pages to print.)  Tilly has 2 pattern pieces (7 pages to print.) Gemma would rather go to a fancy dress ball, while Tilly prefers square dances and the like!

Price:  As of this date, the Gemma Pattern costs $8.95 while the Tilly Skirt is $8.   Also, Gemma fixes up hurts for ‘the little kids’ and Tilly buys them ice cream after!

Round 2: Variations

The Gemma pattern includes a blouse with the pattern.  It has a curved waistband in the front that is elastic in the back.  Also, the Gemma skirt has pockets.  Tilly can have 2 styles of waistband, yoga or elastic backed.  Tilly can be made with one or two layers.  (Or even 3 like we made!) Tilly can never make up her mind and Gemma has to help her sometimes!

Round 3: Sewing

Time:  Both of these skirt will take less than 2 hours to sew.

Fabric: Gemma skirt requires 1 3/4 yards of fabric.  Tilly can be made in woven or knit fabric and requires 7/8 yard per layer.

Notions: Both skirts require elastic and LOVE trampolines!  They always do a spin jumps!

Round 4: Fit/Style

Both the Gemma Skirt and the Tilly Skirt have a similar fit and style.  A twirly, twirly silhouette!  They both love dressing up!!!  We’ve made the Gemma Pattern 2 times (one with a reversible blouse, and the other with silk pockets!)  We’ve sewn the Tilly Skirt once, so far.

And the winner is:

You!  If you choose to sew either one of these skirts, you are sure to have a very happy customer, who’s outfitted in a really cute skirt.  Our Skirt VS Skirt series is designed to help you decide which of the two wonderful skirt patterns we’re comparing is the right one for you.  We own both these patterns and have sewed them both, so we know what we’re talking about.

P.S.  Sometimes Tilly gets mad because she wants pockets too, but then Gemma points out that Tilly has a soft waistband, and then they bake cookies, and everything is OK again!

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Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

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