Days End {Living Skirt Art}

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

We seem to be on a streak of recreating modern art for our Living Art Series.  Today we have a beautiful painting by Sheri Dinardi called Days End. Also, Ana from Analog has recreated a painting.  Don’t miss the teaser photo of her beautiful recreation at the end of this post.

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Days End is an oil painting on linen.  When this painting first grabbed our eye, it was a combination of the lighting and the amazing hair on the model that stood out.  In our home, Aria has magnificent hair, and we hoped we would be able to turn it into the star of some Living Skirt Art.

Sheri Dinardi lives in rural Oregon which inspires her paintings.   An interesting aside, Sheri’s favorite artist workshop she ever attended was held by Dan Gerhartz, who’s painting we brought to life last month!  To enjoy more art by Sheri Dinardi, visit her website here.  She prefers to paint from light because of the “nuances of light and shade, warm and cool as the light falls over the subject. These effects are simply not recorded with cameras.”  We found this to be very, very true when we were recreating Days End.  The lighting and position of the model (Aria) had to be just right.  And then the camera was woefully inadequate at capturing what our eyes were feasting on!

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

Here’s a little skirt story about a skirt in the photo.  There are actually 2 skirts in our recreation, the tiered denim skirt Aria is wearing and the wool one draped around her waist.  This is a skirt we made several years ago from wool, but the moths attacked it and left their calling cards.  So we cut it up the side seam and used it for a photo prop!

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

In Summary:

Painting: Day’s End

Artist: Sheri Dinardi

Model: Aria

Photography: Audrey

Skirt: Thrift store denim maxi skirt.

Living Skirt Art by Skirt Fixation

To see all the other works in our Living Skirt Art series, click here.  As always, check out our Skirt Art (Paintings) and Skirt Art (Illustrations) boards on Pinterest. And now go visit Ana over at Analog for another beautiful Living Skirt Art experience.

Living Skirt Art series by Skirt Fixation

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3 thoughts on “Days End {Living Skirt Art}

  1. Love, love, love this picture! The hair is what really grabs your eyes, & Aria’s really duplicated that cloud of soft curls perfectly.


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