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Annie’s 4H City Park Tee Dress

Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

Annie sewed a fun project for 4H this year.  Last year she sewed a skirt, and every year the child is supposed to show advancement of skills.  Now, in her level (K-2,) this isn’t a requirement and everyone gets a blue ribbon no matter what they create.  But we decided it was a good opportunity for Annie to learn some new skills.

Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

Adrianna just released the City Park Tee, and then did a series of tutorials on how to make the City Park Tee into a dress.  I showed the 3 looks to Annie and she chose the classic straight tee dress.  I asked Annie to share what she remembered/loved from making her City Park Tee dress, and here’s what she said:

We made it 20 inches longer than the longest size which was just above my ankles.  We used the City Park Tee into a dress using a tutorial from Hey June Handmade.  The neckband was pretty tricky but I put lots of pins in it.  It has different options for sleeves, but I used the short sleeve option.  I chose this fabric because brown looks better than light colors on my body.  We used almost all of this fabric that we had.  My favorite part of making this dress is getting to wear it.

Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

Just for reference, Annie is 8.  This was her 1st time sewing with knit fabric.  I kept her in constant supervision, sometimes helping to steer the fabric through the machine.  We also talked about each step of the directions and what it meant.  The City Park Tee is a very easy pattern to follow, and has illustrations for each step.  It really wasn’t too hard for Annie to understand and picture most steps before she started sewing it.

Young girl sews her own dress for 4H project!

Annie now regularly haunts our knit fabric stash plotting and planning the next City Park Tee or Dress she’s going to make!  I’m so proud of her, and if you are too, leave a comment!

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