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Reach For The Stars {Sewing for Kindergarten}

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today I have the absolute honor of being a part of Mie from Sewing Like Mad’s Sewing For Kindergarten series.  I may or may not have begged Mie to let me be a part of this series!  It’s a phenomenal series, and you can spend a lot of time looking through the past years posts.

Two of my very favorite participants in past years have been Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House and Celina from Petit a Petit and Family.  They each created mini wardrobes for their children starting kindergarten, and so my purpose from the beginning was to do the same.  Not just so I could be one of the coolest of the cool kids, but because David, who is starting his kindergarten studies this year, really needed the clothes!

As I was planning both David’s wardrobe and his school year, the theme Reach For The Stars kept coming up over and over again.  This kid has such a huge personality that I (the doting mother) really believe he could do and be anything he wanted to in the future!  But I’m not the only one who has noticed his larger than life personality, and maybe you’ll see it come through in the photos too.

Sewing For Kindergarten, a mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

I created 5 looks which can be (mostly) mixed and matched to his heart’s content.  Or so that when he puts on the first thing he grabs from his drawers, it will match!  Beside the Reach For The Stars theme, I went with a blue and gray color scheme.  We had fun planning a future profession for each look, and today I’m going to give you a general overview of each outfit and go into greater detail in the upcoming weeks.  So without further ado, here’s David, reaching for the stars!

Future Professional

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Mr. Skirt Fixation is a professional, and I wouldn’t be surprised if David follows in his Dad’s steps.  David’s favorite subjects in school are math and poetry memorization.  These two would combine very nicely for a future professional, don’t you think?  This constellation fabric was so amazing, we had to weave it throughout the mini wardrobe.

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Future Professional Shirt Details:

Pattern: Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom Patterns 

Fabric: Constellations in Midnight by Hawthorne Threads 

Future Professional Pants Details:

Pattern: Classic Chinos by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Fabric: Sew Classic Bottomweight Stretch Sateen Fabric – Medieval Blue from JoAnn Fabrics

Future Professional Cap Details:

Pattern: Newsboy Cap details here

Fabric: Sew Classic Bottomweight Cotton Twill Solid Fabric – Black from JoAnn Fabrics

Future Athlete

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Every little boy probably wants to be an athlete at some point, don’t they?  David is active and loves to play catch, so this potential profession was a natural choice, with athletes being stars and all.  This outfit might just be David’s favorite of all the ones I made him.  He loves these sweatpants and has already worn a hole through the knee of the pair I made him this spring!  Then there’s the french terry hoodie.  It is so soft he goes around giving everyone (strangers, friends and family) hugs and saying, “I bet you never want to stop hugging me because my shirt is so soft!”  Plus that kangaroo pocket just clinches the deal.  Boys and pockets are one of the happiest pairings ever invented!

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Future Athlete Top Details:

Pattern: Longihood coming soon to the Naeh Connection Shop

Fabric: French Terry from Hancock Fabric store closing, similar here and Grey Knit Rib similar here.

Future Athlete Sweatpants Details:

Pattern: Parachute Sweatpants by Oliver + S

Fabric: Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric-Navy from JoAnns

Future Dreamer

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Well now, you’ve probably heard rumors that sometimes homeschoolers do school in their pajamas.  So this outfit is here to confirm that suspicion.  And as I mentioned above, David could probably do anything he could possibly dream up!  I did make the shirt to go with these pajamas, but David has been wearing it with all the other pants too since the weather is currently still a bit too warm for sweaters and hoodies.  He spent about 45 minutes pouring over the fabric to decide which constellation/animal he wanted to feature on the pocket.  (He ended up choosing the bobcat!)  David is laying on his big brother’s quilt made from jeans, blogged here.

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Future Dreamer Shirt Details:

Pattern: Field Trip Raglan T-shirt by Oliver+S 

Fabric: Grey double knit and Sew Classic Knits Ponte Roma Solid Fabric – Navy from JoAnns

Pocket:  Constellations in Midnight by Hawthorne Threads 

Future Dreamer Pants Details:

Pattern: Made Everyday Kid Shorts lengthened to pants

Fabric:  Constellations in Midnight by Hawthorne Threads 

Future Explorer

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Last year David & Baby and I took a trip on an airplane to the West Coast.  That experience really shaped David, so much that he wants to travel by airplane all the time, go new places and see new things!  I’m sure he’ll really be reaching for the stars in this outfit!  I had planned a different pair of pants that would be a little more explorer-ish, but just had to face reality about what David loves to wear the most!  It’s these pants, and the stars in his eyes were more than enough reward for me when he found out I was making him another pair of his beloved sweatpants!  I did modify them slightly by adding about 1″ to the width of the legs for a looser look.

Future Explorer Shirt Details:

Pattern: Kids Bethioua Pattern coming soon to the Naeh Connection Shop

Fabric:  Nautica Beckery Cable Knit from Cali Fabrics  and Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric-Navy from JoAnns

Future Explorer Sweatpants:

Pattern:  Parachute Sweatpants by Oliver + S

Fabric: Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric – Light Gray Heathered from JoAnns

Future Wild Thing

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’m not sure if the wild thing part is going to continue into the future, but 5 year old boys have a pretty good dose of wild thing going on!  This vest was pure icing on the cake, and David chose the creature he wanted me to make it into, a dragon.  I’ve just gotten word that there will be an addition of wings to this pattern in the next week or so!  Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this fun pattern.  I lined this vest with some of Maureen Cracknell’s newest line of fabric, in keeping with the stars theme!

Kindergarten mini wardrobe sewn by Skirt Fixation

Future Wild Thing Vest Details:


Pattern: Pathfinder Vest with Wild Thing add on from Big Little Patterns

Main Fabric:  Green flecked fleece from the stash, similar here.

Lining Fabric:  Nightfall Luminaries Gold by Art Gallery Fabrics

Pleather accents: Metallic Copper Vegan Leather from Girl Charlee

Wow!  You made it through the whole post!  (Now you know why I’m saving all the rest of the details and photos for different posts!)  You really should reward yourself by going over to Sewing Like Mad and checking out all the fabulous Sewing For Kindergarten posts!


Affiliate links are used in this post because…you know…fabric isn’t free and I’m addicted to the stuff!

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15 thoughts on “Reach For The Stars {Sewing for Kindergarten}

  1. This is such a great post and what a FUN idea with the different future job titles. You have done an amazing job making it all match up. What a lucky boy he is with this massive handmade addition to his wardrobe. Thank you SO much for participating!


  2. OMG when do you sleep? I ‘ve made 4 pieces and totally feel like a squeezed lemon . You rocked that tour, that’s for sure! I reallyreallyreally like your Bethioua. I wasn’t planning on sewing that forAnnika, but now I changed my mind


  3. Amazing wardrobe!!!! I love the theme and color scheme and the outfits match his personality! I also like that you used so many different designers. I think I have some of that hancock French terry. I’m keeping it for me.


  4. Amazing!!!! I am astounded by how much sewing you did to make this incredible wardrobe. all the outfits are so cool that it’s impossible to choose a favorite. What a lucky little guy!


  5. This is such a great post since we have some boys surrounding kindergarten age in our house!!! The photo by the tree, with ivy, looks like a studio shot!! While peering over my shoulder, my 12 year old darter commented that it would be SO cute to make the hoody pocket out of a state shape– think Oregon, Washington, or Montana!!! The one on David’s hoody could be modified to be Idaho!! 🙂


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