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Maternity Lane Raglan

Maternity Lane Raglan

Maternity Lane Raglan

Halfway there is a good time to make an announcement, right?  After I finished sewing the Wild Things vests, Aria kept telling me I needed to take a break and sew something for myself before I started my next difficult project (sewing jeans for my boys: follow along on Instagram to see my progress.)  How could I resist something as persuasive as that?  The only problem was…a growing waistline, and no patterns that worked.  Then I remembered the very intelligent Adrianna, the designer behind Hey June Handmade, had created a tutorial on how to modify the Lane Raglan for maternity wear.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt FixationAfter digging through my stash, I grabbed some mustard knit fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, leftover from this Aster Cardigan, and some blue brush strokes stripe fabric from Cali Fabrics, leftover from making this skirt.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

I used her tutorial to make a maternity Lane Raglan with only 2 changes.  I added 6” instead of 4” to the length of the front because I’m tall like that!  And then I used one size larger on the front piece and my regular size for the back and sleeves.  And you know what?  I love it!!!  A maternity shirt with the sleeves long enough?  Plus, comfortable, with wide enough shoulders and long enough to cover my bump the whole nine months?  Unheard of unless I wanted to pay a whole bunch of money!  So of course I made a second one.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

On the second maternity Lane Raglan, I made one more slight change; I widened the width of the neckband after seeing someone else do it on Instagram, and it’s pretty cool too.   For this second one I grabbed more fabric from my stash, a charcoal bamboo knit from Cali Fabrics, leftover from this skirt, and a floral fabric from Girl Charlee that I’ve used on this skirt and this cardigan.  The floral fabric has 2 way stretch and fits a little tighter, so it might not make it the whole 9 months.  But we’ll see.

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

There are some clothes in my regular wardrobe that would probably work for some or most of the pregnancy, but I like to put away all my “regular” clothes and only wear maternity clothes when I’m pregnant.  Then after I give birth, it’s sort of like my birthday too with all the new clothes I get to wear again!

Maternity Lane Raglan sewn by Skirt Fixation

So after making these two maternity Lane Raglans, I did something drastic: I cut off all the sleeves on all my maternity tops that were too short and hemmed them short sleeve length.  Because this pregnancy, I don’t have to settle for maternity tops that don’t fit right!  I can make myself all the maternity Lane Raglan tops that I want!

Affiliate links are used in this post.  This is because I totally love and completely think everyone should sew up a Hey June Handmade item for themselves!  Your world with be revolutionized…

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7 thoughts on “Maternity Lane Raglan

  1. Love, love that fabric in the 2nd pg top. Now I can be matching to my daughter, (since you made me that skirt out of the same material), that hasn’t happened since you were about 10 years old. 🙂 You look beautiful, & your tops do too. 🙂


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