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Aria’s 4H Sewing Project

4H sewing project by Skirt Fixation

This year 2 of us chose sewing for a 4H project.  You can read about Annie’s project here.  Today Aria is sharing her 4H sewing project.

This year for 4-H I did a three-part sewing project that included a shirt, a skirt, and a jacket. All three were made from varying weights of knit.

4H sewing project

The Veronika Skirt

This was made from a heavy knit from JoAnn Fabrics that I have used before and is super awesome! I made it for All The Skirts: Megan Nielsen & Imagine Gnats.  You can read our full review here.

4H sewing project by Skirt Fixation

The Halifax Hoodie

For the jacket I used a lighter French Terry for the first time.  I am happy to say that even though it was a lighter knit it was really easy to use!  The Halifax Hoodie from Hey June Handmade is a really nice sew up as well!  I used the third option with a zipper, pockets, and a hood.  The instructions were easy to follow but I was still really glad to have Mom’s help, especially when I did the pockets, zipper, and hood because it was my first time doing any of those!  I followed the instructions and it made my firsts easy ones!  The first thing I sewed was the pockets.  These were pretty easy except for the trying to keep them straight and sew through a lot of layers at one time, so I still think they are a bit crooked yet…  The next thing I did was the zipper.  This was completely different from anything I had ever done before.  I put a lot of pins in to hold it straight, went slow, and had Mom to help me!  I was pretty impressed by how well it turned out and how easy it was!  The last ‘difficult’ thing I did was the hood.  I had pretty much no trouble assembling it, but attaching it to the rest of the jacket was the difficult part.  There were a lot of layers, but when I attached the binding to enclose the seam allowances it looked pretty good!  The rest, compared to this was really easy!  The French Terry was super fun to work with and I really like the finished result!

4H sewing project by Skirt Fixation

The Lane Raglan Shirt

This was not my first Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade that I sewed, but it was the first with a lightweight fabric that I made.  This fabric was pretty difficult to cut and sew, and I’m not really impressed with the result.  At this point, we were also having difficulty with the machine sewing using a double needle, so that didn’t help much either.  I really liked the simplicity of the pattern last time I made a Lane Raglan, but this time with the lightweight knit, it really hindered progress a lot.  I sewed the neckband on wrong and had to pick it out, which left a lot of holes.  Something happened on the sleeves, and there I had to sew some tucks in the shoulder, but the rest of the shirt turned out ok.

I really enjoyed sewing the skirt and the hoodie, but I did learn that I probably shouldn’t be sewing too much on lighter knits yet!

4H sewing project by Skirt Fixation

The lady who judged my sewing project at the county fair said she didn’t have any experience sewing with knits, but when my project went to state fair, the judge had some very helpful comments. One of them was on the hoodie, to try and line up the seam under the arm a bit better. I’d really like to sew another Halifax Hoodie sometime.

Thanks for sharing your 4H sewing project Aria!  Affiliate links are used in this post…to feed our sewing habits!

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