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3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue

Knight Hoodies sewn by Skirt Fixation

Having boys is so fun!  Our youngest boy, Lowell, has started to notice what his big brothers and Dad wear.  And so naturally, he noticed that both David and Thomas have Knight Hoodies and he didn’t.  This was easy to resolve…I just sewed him up one.

Knight Hoodies sewn by Skirt Fixation

I’ve reviewed the Knight Hoodie pattern when I made one for Thomas.  It’s a great pattern.  Then I made one for David and included some tips for a wavy zipper fix.  Next I made one for my nephew for his birthday, and included tips on lining up the pockets and hood across the zipper.  And finally this one for Lowell.  Each time I make one, I feel like it gets a little easier.  I lined up the pockets more carefully, than I did the 1st time.  Also, that curve around the face of the hood/helmet is probably the hardest part, but it too is getting easier!

Knight Hoodie pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

Although it ended up a little oversized, I made Lowell the same size as I had for David for 2 reasons; 1: the pattern was already printed out and tiled, and 2: I wanted it to last all winter!  Lazy, but effective…

Knight Hoodie pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

For the fabric, I used some Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric-Black (affiliate link) from JoAnn Fabrics.  It was actually left over from the Knight Hoodie I made for my nephew.  On this one, I used a plastic zipper instead of a metal one like on the other boys’ and it works out great.

Knight Hoodie pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

The buttons are probably the most expensive part of making a Knight Hoodie, but I used my new-found button source, the thrift store!  These buttons came off of a stinky denim shirt with suspicious stains under the arms.  But for $2 it was a steal because of all the buttons on it!  (23!!!)

Knight Hoodie pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

For this photo shoot, all the boys wanted to be together in their Knight Hoodies.  The best lighting is outside, but the day was frigid so Allegra, our chief photographer, decided to head for the greenhouse.  It turned out to have the perfect temperature and great lighting for our purpose.

Knight Hoodie pattern sewn by Skirt Fixation

Now there are 3 knights in shining armor er hoodies to rescue fair maidens!  Be warned, o ye fair maidens, these boys have a good dose of mischievous up their sleeves!

Want to make your own Knight Hoodie?  Find the pattern here.

Published by skirtfixation

Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

2 thoughts on “3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue

  1. What a nifty trio! I sure could use some knights in hoodies to help clear the snow from my driveway in MT these days. 🙂 Their mischief would result in some nifty snow forts & dens I’m sure!


  2. Your guys all look so great in their knight hoodies! I have had my eye this pattern for quite a while but I haven’t made it yet. Maybe if I can pause from sewing things for myself all the time I can make 2 of these for my boys. 😉


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