20 Reasons to Sew for Baby

20+ reasons to sew for baby from Skirt Fixation


We’re starting off our handmade baby series with a list of 20 reasons to sew for baby!  Maybe one of these will convince you to try sewing for your (or some one else’s) baby.

1-Tiny things are cute to make

Let’s start with the obvious…tiny baby clothes are about the cutest thing you could possibly sew!

2-Less fabric to waste while learning to sew

Maybe you’re considering sewing for a baby as your very first sewing project?  Here’s the great news; baby clothes take up a tiny bit of fabirc!  For examples, fom 1 yard of fabric, you could make approximately 5 baby onesies…or try several time before you achieved the results you are looking for!

20+ reasons to sew for baby from Skirt Fixation

3-Knit clothing is fast to sew

Most baby clothing/accessories is made from knit fabrics, and knits are very fast to sew.  Partly because there it isn’t necessary to finish the edges, and you can even skip hemming if you wish!

4-Scrap buster

Have leftover fabric from another project that’s too small to make yourself another garment?  Use it for baby sewing!

5-Unique baby shower gifts

Have you ever been at a baby shower where the mother to be received several items that were similar or even the same?  If you made your baby gift you are guaranteed it will be unique, and perhaps even more highly valued than other gifts because of the time and effort you put forth.

Moon glow baby quilt pattern seen on Skirt Fixation

6-Modern fabric designs

Once you decide to sew something for a baby, you get to start shopping for fabric.  That’s the really fun part, and you’ll be amazed at the availability of fabric types, colors, and prints that are a huge departure from the standard Disney characters available in most ready to wear clothing.  Although if you prefer Disney characters, there’s a huge selection of those types of fabrics too.

7-Organic fabric

While we’re on the subject of fabrics to use, you might want to consider using organic fabric for your baby, at least for the garments that will be touching their delicate and sensitive skin.  There is a larger and larger selection of organic fabrics available in ever increasing substrates (knit, guaze, quilting cottons, rayons, etc.) colors and prints too.

8-Better quality fabric

These days, sometimes store bought baby things don’t even make it through one baby.  But if you are sewing for a baby, you have control over the quality of fabric.  Handmade baby items not only make it through one baby, but can be passed down to other lucky babies!

birth day gift by Skirt Fixation

9-Perfect for Upcycling

Have a favorite item you’ve outgrown, but you’re too environmentally conscientious to throw it away?  Upcycling is easy, fast and baby items are the perfect new use for that old favorite.  Reuse existing hems and your work is done even faster!

10-Dresses for little girl

Dresses for a baby girl are quite hard to find, and there isn’t much variety once you find one.  Not so if you’re making a dress for a baby girl.  There is a huge selection of dress patterns for baby girls, and it’s growing all the time!

11-Boyish prints are hard to find

Have you ever tried to find cute baby clothing for boys?  It’s pretty difficult and slim pickings once you weed out all the sports paraphernalia and Mommy’s Little Prince items.

Project Sew It birthday present for a "deer" girl sewn by Skirt Fixation

12-Baby patterns are often free

Many times, pattern designers will release the baby version of one of their popular patterns for free!

13-Matching outfits

Not only can you create matching outfits for siblings to wear, you can also create coordinating combinations you wouldn’t be able to find in stores.

14-Clothing that fits

Many people sew for themselves so they can have a perfect fit, and the same holds true for baby sewing.  You can create clothing to the baby’s exact need.  For example, my babies always had longer arms and legs than came in ready to wear clothing.  So I had to choose between too big around, or too short in the limbs.

15-Clothes that accommodate cloth diapers

Along similar lines, store bought baby clothing is not designed to fit cloth diapers.  Some moms have found out they need to size up 2 sizes to get the clothing to work with cloth diapers!  Not so with handmade baby clothing.

20+ reasons to sew for baby from Skirt Fixation

16-Boutique looks for less

Some of the cutest baby items come from boutiques…if you can afford it!  But when you’re making the baby items by hand, you can create that boutique look for much, much less.

17-Traditions of sewing

When I was a baby, I had quite a few handmade items, and I’ll bet you did too.  When we sew for our baby, we are following in the footsteps of our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers and grandmothers…it’s a tradition of caring for baby by hand that has been passed along from generation to generation for ages.

18-Pride in the making

One of the greatest pleasures of sewing for a baby is to see the handmade item you made being put to good use.  And then when the compliments start rolling it, you’ll see how awesome you feel!

baby circle skirt sets sewn by Skirt Fixation

19-Better fit for preemies

Maybe this one should be titled, “fit for preemies” because preemie baby things are very, very rare.  Some parents end up dressing preemies in doll clothes!  Handmade baby items are so appropriate here, and last quite a long time because of the slower rate at which preemies grow at first.

20-They can’t/don’t care about your fashion choices

Let’s face it, as the baby grows, they won’t always agree with your style/fabric/fashion choices.  So while they are too young to care or know the difference, you get to dress them however you wish!  Have fun!

Bonus! 21-No one else’s baby is wearing the same thing

Your baby is unique from every other baby out there, and it’s clothing can be too…when you make it!

20+ reasons to sew for baby from Skirt Fixation

Hopefully we’ve convinced you with these very, very excellent reasons to sew for baby!  Have fun!

Please share in the comments below your reasons for sewing for baby…we’d love to hear them.

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