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Free Patterns for March {Project Sew It}

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

For March’s Project Sew It challenge, both Aria and Audrey sewed up FREE patterns for meeting the “bottoms” project.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.)

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

Audrey’s Free Pattern Make:

Today’s post makes me really, really happy!  You see, about 6 years ago I had to throw away my favorite pair of yoga pants.  They were the only pair I’d ever had, I slept in them every single night, and they’d developed holes in some very conspicuous places.  But I’m sure you’ve had a favorite garment and know how hard this was for me, right?  Well, these specific yoga pants had lasted me about 10 years which probably justified the $80 I paid for them from a specialty tall company.  But since then I’ve been too cheap to put out another $100 bucks (price has gone up!!!) and have missed them ever since.

That all changed when Hey June Handmade published the Mountain Pose Pants pattern.  Did I mention it is a free pattern?  Yes.  I’m a huge fan of Hey June patterns as anyone who has been around her any time knows!  It’s the quality and professional results that you can achieve by sewing these patterns.

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

For other tall ladies who want to know, the inseam of the Mountain Post Pants is 32”, and at the recommendation of Adrianna (the designer behind Hey June Handmade) I split up the additional 4” I needed to reach my 36” inseam by adding 2” at the knee on the shorten/lengthen line and 2” at the hem by continuing the flair at the bottom.  You may notice I didn’t hem these pants…I’m waiting to see if the double brushed poly fabric shrinks any more before hemming…or maybe I’m just reveling in a pair of yoga pants that are too long!!!

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

And then there is the fabric I used.  If you have your ear tuned to the sewing world, you’ve heard lots and lots of chatter about double brushed poly knit fabric.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and ordered some wine colored double brushed poly knit from CaliFabrics.  In all the reviews I’ve read about double brushed poly, the author comments that they’d like to wrap themselves up in the fabric it’s so soft.  So I figured this fabric might make me a good pair of yoga pants to sleep in.  Let me tell you in a word: YES!

So now you know why this post makes me so happy…I’ve regained my favorite pair of yoga pants, possibly even better than the original pair due to the double brushed poly fabric.

Aria’s Free Pattern Make:

This month I was wanting to go with an easy pattern, partly because we have been pretty busy so I didn’t get around to starting my skirt until pretty late, and partly because next month is will probably be doing a bit more complicated pattern.

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

I decided on Melly Sew’s Easy T-Shirt Skirt Tutorial because I wear the skirt Mom made me all the time! I started with a t-shirt my older brother no longer wanted.  This tutorial is SUPER easy! I had a lot of fun, partly because I didn’t even have to rip anything, and I was able to do it completely by myself!

Skirt Fixation sews up free patterns for Project Sew It

The hardest part about this skirt was probably the waistband because of the amount of stretching I had to do while sewing it.  I made a few changes to it as well.  I made the waistband a little wider so I can wear it lower down instead of on my waist, and I made the pockets deeper.  I always go for deeper pockets!  The pocket fabric is Birch Organic’s flight leftover from this dress.   Anyway, I’m really glad I made it and I will be wearing it all the time!

See you next month for the dress challenge…both of us are feeling really challenged even thinking about it!  Also, affiliate links are used in this post for really awesome products you should try…we love them and think you will too, that’s why we’ve included the links.  But legal powers that be want you to know we might make a few pennies if you click one of our affiliate links…

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