Grace Tankini Testers

view B ruched top and plain sport skirt

Every PDF pattern needs to be tested before it can be released for sale.  The ladies who agreed to test the Grace Tankini were the best of the best!  The reason the pattern is not good, but great is thanks to these ladies!  Just check out some of the tester’s Grace Tankinis:

View B top, sport skirt with pockets

Emily from Replicate then Deviate sewed up view B top with a sport skirt.  With pockets!  The color combination is my favorite!

Lynette of Sew Dreamy Designs on Instagram, sewed a view B top and a ruched skirt with pockets.  Isn’t her suit darling?

View A top

This was Rebecca’s first time sewing a swimsuit and she did amazing!  Here you can see her view A top.

view B ruched top and plain sport skirt

My good friend Michelle of F&B Creations is a master at sewing gymnastic wear for her younger daughter.  But this stunning Grace Tankini with the view B top and plain sport skirt takes the cake for master swimwear sewing too!

High waisted and regular

Linda sewed a view A top and both high waisted (on the left) and regular panties to go with it!  It’s so helpful to see the difference.

View B top

Kellie sewed a view B top and a ruched sport skirt and looks like she has a fabulous one piece!  With all the comfort and benefits of a tankini!

View A top, sport skirt

Teronia nearly broke the internet in her jaw-dropping view A top and sport skirt with pockets.  She’s such a sweet tester and promotes my patterns tirelessly!

View A top circle skirt

Crystal sewed a beautiful view A top and a circle skirt.  She had us all in stitches with her twirl videos and the antics of her bird Merlin!

View B top and circle skirt

Maegan sewed a stunning view B top and a circle skirt.  I absolutely adore this version!

Tone made a view A top with a circle skirt.  Her lovely suit is business in the front, party in the back all the way!

Kerrie sewed a view B top and the panty bottoms for her 11 year old daughter, proving the smallest sizes of the Grace Tankini can be made to work for girls!

View A top, sport skirt

Jordan made the most lovely sea blue view A top and plain sport skirt.  It fits her perfectly!

View B top and ruched sport skirt

Everything about Jodi’s Grace Tankini is perfection!  The fabric, the ruching, the photographs by the pool, the fit, and the smile!

View B top and ruched sport skirt

Amy made herself the prefect little black dress, er, make that suit!  This simple but complex version makes me want a black suit too!

plain sport skirt

I just had to share this close up version of Ana’s gorgeous sport skirt with pockets.  It’s the waistband and pockets that had everyone in the tester group drooling!

Ruched skirt and view B top

Feyza sewed herself a jaw dropping navy blue view B top and a ruched sport skirt.  If you need me, I’ll be copying her version!

View A top, plain sport skirt

Diane was one of the first testers to finish her final suit, and encouraged everyone else to finish when she shared her view A top and plain sport skirt.  Also, total pool envy!  Diane wore her suit all day while doing yard work and taking breaks to cool of from the 119 degree weather!

View A top and circle skirt

Elaine sewed up this cheery view A top with a circle skirt.  She had such helpful tips for everyone along the way, and her circle cut out in the back turned out absolutely perfect!

I’m so indebted to these amazing ladies for testing the Grace Tankini!  Next I’ll show you more tester photos…but this time you’ll see totally fantastic variations they made to the pattern!

Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini this week while it’s on sale!

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