Quilt Market 2017

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

In May I had the awesome opportunity to explore Quilt Market for a few hours thanks to the generous ladies at Simple Simon and Co.  I had been wanting to meet liZ and Elizabeth for years, and finally got the opportunity.  Quilt Market is a trade-only show for the quilting/fabric industry.  So you can see how I was like a child in a candy store as I walked around with liZ.

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

liZ and Elizabeth had a booth showcasing their new Just Add Sugar fabric line.  They won the top prize at Quilt Market for best single booth award, and you can see why!  Their booth was  LOADED with fruit (which they brought in their suitcases all the way from Utah to St. Louis!!!)  The booth just exploded with color and sweetness.  The table was set for 6 and piled high with fruit, flowers, and of course their new fabric!  I even got to record on video their reaction when they were presented the best single booth award.

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Because there were hundreds of booths at Quilt Market and I only had a few hours, I had to be selective in what I saw.  With careful planning and the ever generous Simple Simon and Co. ladies, I made it to my top 5 destinations!

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Since I had chosen to wear my Runway Skirt made from Art Gallery Fabrics designed by April Rhodes, I had to see the Art Gallery Fabrics booths and meet April.  She was there displaying her new Arizona After and Heritage fabric lines, and they are both amazing.  Her booth was fantastic, and had a quiet peaceful atmosphere in the middle of the very bustling Quilt Market.

You might notice I also dressed Baby in an Art Gallery Fabrics dress (blogged here!)  As I walked up to their booth, Walter Bravo (who assists his wife Pat in running Art Gallery Fabrics) held out his arms to me and Baby with delight in his eyes!  We felt like we’d come home!

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017There were two displays that stopped me in my hasty exploration of Quilt Market and I had to photograph them.  This flower wall made entirely of starched fabric by RJR Fabrics was fantastic.

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Another was this butterfly quilt display.  I don’t even know what to call it.  Let’s call it art!  It was made from the In Bloom fabric collection by Sandra Clemons.

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

There are 500 butterflies.  Five. Zero. Zero.  Incidentally, you can buy the pattern to make your own butterflies here.

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Also, I HAD to meet Tula Pink.  Tula is basically a celebrity in the sewing world.  And her fabrics are amazing.  She even has a line of scissors and sewing notions that everyone is gaga over.  But the real reason I wanted to meet Tula was to see which one of us was taller!  I’d only seen photos before, and noticed her height, and was curious.  I’m not spilling the beans, but let’s just say we saw eye to eye about some things!

I also got to meet Alison Glass (who designed the fabric on this skirt) and her assistant Chen.  In a totally unexpected turn of events, I got a signed copy of Blair Stocker’s book Wise Craft Quilts.  And Rebecca Bryan gave me a precut mini charm pack from her new fabric line Panache.   There were so many other people I got to meet and fabrics I got to see and feel, it was incredible!

Skirt Fixation at Quilt Market 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017 was and amazing experience for me.  I’m so thankful to have experienced it and for liZ and Elizabeth.  Since everyone was so generous to me, I’m holding a giveaway for some of the amazing items I picked up at Quilt Market.  To enter, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram and comment on our giveaway post there.

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