My Grace Tankini Swimsuits

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

I realized I never showed some of the Grace Tankinis that I made while the pattern was in testing and production.  All of the muslins (practice and test) suits that I made were from a pastel purple check fabric.  A friend had given me about 9 yards of it, and it worked perfectly for checking the fit and assembly steps.  But then I wanted some suits I could wear!

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

This 1st example of the Grace Tankini is view B top and ruched sport skirt.  The solid navy fabric is from JoAnn Fabrics and was labeled swimwear/athleticwear.  It wasn’t as nice and thick to work with as later fabrics suits.  The skirt is the view B skirt, and the inset ruched panel fabric is from The Fabric Fairy.  I left off the pockets in this skirt.

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

The next example is the view A top and circle skirt bottom.  This swimwear fabric came from Imagine Gnats and is of medium thickness and easy to work with.  The skirt is a full circle, and so fun to wear and has nice coverage.

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

Third, I sewed a view B top and high waisted, ruched skirt bottom.  These fabrics came from CaliFabrics, and were the thickest and nicest to work with.  You could make an unlined tankini with this thick fabric.  You might notice the high waisted version on this sport skirt has a wider waistband, which was an early version of the high waisted bottoms.

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

And finally, I sewed a view A top and plain sport skirt with pockets.  The star fabric for the top is from CaliFabrics, and the striped fabric for the skirt is from Hancock Fabrics closeout sale.  They were both nice, thick, good quality fabrics to work with.

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns

You might think 4 swimsuits is too many, but considering Aria and I share most clothes, I suspect she’ll be wearing these also.  All these photos were taken at my sister-in-law’s pool…isn’t is beautiful?

Grab your copy of the Grace Tankini here.

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