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Simple Leggings Pattern Review

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

Annie was feeling uninspired about modeling for this photo shoot, so I told her to try out different poses with an “s” theme.  I’d call out a word (silly, spunky, sweet, spoiled, shy, sassy, etc.) and she’d try the pose.  I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones she is representing in the photos!

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

It was a simple choice!  The question was longer legs, and the approach of cooler weather.  The Simple Leggings, a new pattern by Simple Simon and Co was clearly the answer!  It doesn’t get much more simple than the Simple Leggings patterns.

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

First of all, it’s super simple to sew.  If you have never sewn a pair of legging before, and you know a girl (in sizes 2T to 14) that needs a pair, you really must try the Simple Leggings.

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

With only 1 pattern piece and 3 seams, this pattern is super simple to understand.  There are tips for working with knits, tips for measuring, and the illustrations are just plain cute!

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

For reference, this pair for Annie is a size 6 in width, with a size 12 for length.  I think the next pair I sew for her I’ll add even more length so they can last through fall and winter!  You may also note that Annie’s  leggings have a seam down the outside of the leg.  This is only because I misunderstood the cutting directions.  The pattern does not have this seam which makes it, well, more simple!

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

We love to wear leggings under skirts for comfort and modesty in the fall and winter.  Annie chose to pair this super simple version with her camo skirt.  We have quite a few more versions planned for fall, and since they’re so simple to sew, I’m planning to have Annie sew the next pair!

Simple Leggings review by Skirt Fixation

Ready to sew up the Simple Leggings pattern yourself?  Check out all the details here, and also, enter to win the pattern for yourself!

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