Purple Seafarer Tops

Purple Seafarer tops sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

This summer Aria needed some new shirts, but she had no time to spare from her summer job to sew herself some.  That’s okay, with the right fabric and pattern, I whipped up some for her in no time!

Purple Seafarer tops sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

We love dolman t-shirts, and so we turned to the Seafarer by Sew Much Ado.  It’s so comfortable, and Ari’s current favorite version is the version with hemmed sleeves and hem, so we can sew them up super fast.

Purple Seafarer tops sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

For the fabrics, Ari fell in love with Maureen Cracknell’s Art Gallery Soulful Jersey Knit Floral Universe Plum Fabric  and since I was sewing 1 purple shirt, I grabbed this Knit Stitched Arrow fabric from the Bolt by Girl Charlee collection in the purple colorway.  No thread changes, you see!  It’s not currently available in the purple color anymore, but you can find it in these two colors.  Bolt By Girl Charlee Desert Sky Jersey Knit Stitched Arrow Gray Fabric and Bolt By Girl Charlee Pure Vintage Jersey Knit Stitched Arrow Navy/Turq Fabric

Purple Seafarer tops sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

Aria is in love with her 2 new shirts, and has even paired them with her Runway Skirt for fancier occasions.

Purple Seafarer tops sewn and reviewed by Skirt Fixation

As our experience on sewing with knit fabrics matures, we’ve made one slight change to the way we construct t-shirts.  We hem the sleeves and bottom before we sew the side seams.  This is because we have yet to find an effective method to keep a double needle hem from unraveling!  We’ve tried backstitching, tying the threads on the wrong side, and doing nothing extra.  But all these methods have failed to some degree or another.  So far, burying the thread ends in the side seams by hemming first seems to work the best.

We’re certainly open to tips and hints from anyone who has had success…leave us a comment!

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