I Made A Puffer Jacket!!!

How to DIY a puffer jacket - tutorial from Skirt Fixation

In celebration of today’s EPIC coat making success, I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Mood Fabrics!  For a chance to win, visit me on Instagram.

How to DIY a puffer jacket - tutorial from Skirt Fixation

For a very, very long time I have wanted a puffer jacket!  But because I’m 6’ tall, until very recently, one that fit was out of the question even though puffer jackets are everywhere!  Then my (also very tall) sister sent me a photo of her wearing a puffer jacket she had purchased from a specialty tall shop.  I fell in love with it, and almost hit the buy it now button on their online shop.  Then I got to thinking…and decided to sew one for myself.  But as I looked for online tutorials or tips or anything, I couldn’t find ANY!  Am I the only person who has tried this?  There are a few places you can buy pre-quilted fabric, but now I was on a mission to sew my own.

How to DIY a puffer jacket - tutorial from Skirt Fixation

After searching for nylon fabric (what puffer jackets are made from) I got several swatches from Mood Fabrics, and finally settled on Burgundy Nylon Ripstop fabric for the outside, and Maroon/Gray Tartan Plaid flannel fabric for the inside.

You can read all about how to make your own puffer jacket over on the Mood Fabrics blog today!  I’m guest posting there all about everything I learned while making this jacket for myself.

How to DIY a puffer jacket - tutorial from Skirt Fixation

It may not surprise you to learn the pattern I used as the starting point for my puffer jacket was the Halifax Hoodie by Hey June Patterns. (affiliate link)  To read about the modifications I made to the pattern, and see some (pre snow storm) photos, head over to the Hey June Handmade blog today!

How to DIY a puffer jacket - tutorial from Skirt Fixation

I think the only details I didn’t include in those two posts is my zipper source, and the leather tassel I created at the last minute!  The zipper is a 36” thin nylon-coil separating formal wear zipper in color #527 – Bordeaux.  It was the only zipper I could find that was long enough.   It came from Zipperstop.  And since it wasn’t really intended for outerwear, I decided to add the leather tassel to try to spare the zipper and okay, just for looks!  It was so simple to make, I just cut long strips of gray leather, looped them around the bottom ring of the clip on hardware, and tied another strip of leather at the top to keep them all secure.  It turned out to be too wide to clip through the actual zipper pull itself, so I used a metal ring to go connect them.

Here’s a picture of my inspiration puffer jacket…the one my sister owns!  How did I do?

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7 thoughts on “I Made A Puffer Jacket!!!

  1. You have done a FABULOUS job! This is beautifully done & looks just as great as your sisters! We sewers have the joy of being able to get things to fit that we wouldn’t be able to do from RTW. Great first item for the fast!


  2. I’m tall too and have the same issue. I made a child’s padded gilet and perhaps for next winter will consider this , for me, as it looks great. It’s too late for this winter as I’m a bit slow and the weather will be warming up. I’m going to visit your Mood post to read your further details.


  3. This is amazing! I am giving it a try beginning tomorrow morning. Can you explain a little more how you did the elastic in the back?


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