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Menswear Sewing Plans – 2018

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

The other day I mentioned I plan to do more sewing for Mr. Skirt Fixation in 2018.  So today is all about my menswear sewing plans for 2018.  I’d like to branch out a little bit from the approximately 12-15 t-shirts I sewed for him in 2017.  With that in mind, and for encouragement from the sewing community, I’m joining up with the menswear sewing make 9 movement on Instagram.  The idea is to plan and sew 9 things for your man!

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

Mr. Skirt Fixation really likes when I sew t-shirts for him.  He likes this Riley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit Solid White Fabric because it’s soft and a good 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend.  We’ve made a couple of modifications to the Oliver + S Men’s Metro Tee pattern so it fits him like a glove!  So yes, I actually do sew him plain white undershirts to wear under his button up shirts for work.  He loves the fit, and the quality he can’t find in RTW (ready to wear) t-shirts.  And the other thing I’ve sewn for him is t-shirts for everyday wear by keeping the modifications but going up one size.  So I put that pattern twice in the grid because it’s basically 2 different things, right?

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

The only other thing I’ve sewn from these 9 in the past is a button up shirt in flannel.  I used the Sis Boom Marco Shirt pattern, and made modifications so it’s a perfect fit for Mr. Skirt Fixation.  For example, he needs a large bicep adjustment.  (Yes ladies, the man is ripped!)  And he prefers the button placket to be 3/4” wider.  Those are 2 changes that pop to mind…and I’ve already got the flannel to make him another one, at his request!

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

The 1st thing I’ve sewn for him from the make 9 grid this year is the Finlayson Sweater.  This was a surprise, done without his input, so it was a stab in the dark!  I sewed him the shawl collar view in some brushed ribbed sweater knit from CaliFabrics.  It is the softest fabric ever, and I reeeeeeeealy wanted to save it for myself!  It’s sold out over at CaliFabrics, but this Telio Melange Rib Knit Grey Fabric looks like the same thing from

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

I have to say I love sewing men’s clothes.  The little details and professional tailoring make me feel so accomplished!  For example, the inside back collar detail is amazing, and never seen from the outside.  I used a scrap of flannel leftover from my puffer jacket for this one.  His measurements put him in a size XL, but I sewed a size L due to the extra stretchiness of the ribbed fabric.

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

What was the verdict from Mr. Skirt Fixation?  Well, as far as the fit goes, the only thing that needed adjusting was the cuffs on the sleeves, they were too loose.  He loves the soft and comfortable fabric.  For wearing however, he has requested I sew him a turtleneck to layer underneath.  At least that gives me another item to add to my list of 9 things to sew for him this year!  I can’t find a men’s turtleneck sewing pattern, but I think I can take his beloved Metro Tee pattern and add a turtleneck piece.  That’s the plan anyway…wish me luck!

To fill out the 9, I added the Rebel Joggers and Shorts by Wardrobe By Me.  The shorts I sewed for him to sleep in a couple of years ago are getting worn out.  And I added a the Rocky Mountain Raglan from Peekaboo Pattern Shop.  Because I love wearing raglans, so maybe he will too?  Last of all, I added the Jutland Pants from Thread Theory.  He wants pants, and these are the closest I can find to his RTW ones.  They’re not right (according to him) but maybe they’ll give us a starting place.

I know, that’s not 9 items!  But I’m leaving myself some wiggle room if something comes up later in the year.  And because I know I’ll be sewing him multiples of the t-shirts.  Perhaps I’ll sew him a Reversible Beanie from Savvy Patterns!

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

Perhaps I’ll be able to sew some of these 9 items for our oldest son too.  With that in mind, I sewed him the hooded version of the Finlayson Sweater, but in camo french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  Since I had only 2 yards, and the pattern requirements for size XXL are 2.6 yards.  By lining the hood with plain oatmeal french terry and using it for the pocket too, I just barely had enough.  For the inside collar detail on his, I used some Cotton & Steel double gauze fabric leftover from making this shirt for myself.

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

The fit is pretty good for him too, even though this was a surprise too.  I used his measurements and lengthened the arms by a couple of inches.  Even though he has massive wrists, the cuffs were too large for him as well, but I have fixed the cuffs for both of them.

Menswear sewing plans by Skirt Fixation

Though he hasn’t gushed about it (he’s 17!) I think he likes it, because as you can see from the photos, it’s wrinkled from wear.  I had to sneak it away from him for the photos, so I think he likes it!

Alright, enough from me!  Leave me a comment, have you ever sewn anything for a man?  Do you have menswear sewing plans?   Will I make it through this year?  Send pants help, I’m a skirt person!!!

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