Sloth Peplum Top

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

Does it get any cuter than today’s post?  Once in a while, you just have to let it all hang out, and make your baby a sloth peplum top.  I mean, come on!

Raspberry Creek Fabrics, on of my favorite places to shop for fun, unique fabric has just released their spring collection of 19 new CLUB fabrics, and they are so cute!  Each of these fabrics are available in cotton jersey and french terry. They are printed in house at Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

This sloth fabric is one of 6 animal designs created by Ella Randall of Wolf and Rabbit Fabric Co. for Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  The others are panda, unicorns, bears, dinosaurs and llamas.  Go check them out…I’m definitely going to be making myself some llama pajamas!

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

For this peplum top, I paired the sloths with pink and white striped fabric, also by Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It’s a perfect girly pop of pink on the neckband, pocket, sleeve flutters and elbow patches.

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

As with all Raspberry Creek Fabric jersey fabric we’ve sewn, this is very, very soft, and amazing quality.  None of our fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics has pilled and there is very little fading, even though the are some of our most worn garments that get washed over and over again!

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

This adorable pattern is the Pistachio Tee by Sew Like My Mom.  It has so many options all bundled up into one pattern, and can be made for boys and girls alike!  For this top, we did the peplum hem, sleeve ruffles and of course those adorable heart elbow patches.

I love how the shape of the peplum hem makes the sloths sleep and hang in all sorts of directions!  It’s so cute and of course my favorite ones are the momma and baby sloth hanging out together.

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

One of my acid tests for a new top pattern I sew is the neckband.  As you can see, this one is perfect.  It lays flat against the neck, doesn’t curl under, and is shaped perfectly.  The Pistachio Tee pattern passed the test with flying colors!  I can’t wait to make it for the boys.

The Pistachio Tee can be made in 9 sizes from 12 months to 8.  I made the size 24 months for Baby, and the sleeves were a bit long, so I gave them a wide hem.  It looks almost like a cuff, but my kids always seem to outgrow their tops in the arm length 1st thing, so these can be let out if needed.  I also shortened the waist up to Baby’s waist level rather than where the pattern showed the peplum to be attached so the top would fit her body perfectly.

Sloth Peplum sewn for a baby by Skirt Fixation

This pattern is layered, so that means you can print out just the size or sizes you need.  There are photo illustrations to guide you through each step.  It’s a quick and easy top to sew, and I love the durability of the double thickness pocket and shoulder flutters.

Earlier I mentioned 19 new fabrics.  Besides the 6 animal ones, there are 3 drop dead gorgeous florals, 5 vintage Sasquatch prints, and 5 April Rain prints.  There are also a couple of new stripe and dot colors.  You really must go check them out, they are on sale for $1 off per yard during release week.  Which is an even better value than usual!  Run don’t walk!

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