Lion Hoodie from Narnia

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

You may have noticed the other day when I posted the French Terry fabric comparison that a certain little boy got left out in the animal hoodie theme.  When I saw Raspberry Creek Fabrics spring release CLUB fabrics, I saw the perfect opportunity to rectify a situation which included a very upset little boy.  Enter the lion hoodie.

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

This fabric is the mustard yellow and white gingham check from the Sasquatch line designed by Kimberly Henrie for CLUB.  It has the amazing softness of all other French Terry knit fabric we’ve gotten from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

When I offered Lowell his choice of animals to put on the front, he immediately chose a lion.  Allegra has been reading him and his siblings the Chronicles on Narnia series at night before bed, and he has fallen in love with Aslan.  So a lion it was.  Allegra thinks it’s cool that she’s introduced a 3 year old to the world of Narnia and he loves it!

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

To make the lion, I printed out a silhouette of a lion that Lowell picked from Google images.  I cut out this lion by hand, layering up the paper and the fabric.  Then I sewed the fabric cutout onto the front of the hoodie by stitching with a straight stitch as close to the edge as I could.  The french terry was very stable to work with.  I expect it to fray slightly along the edges, making the lion look furry.  On the other 2 hoodies, the accent fabric was jersey, so they won’t fray or fuzz along the edges.  The gingham french terry fabric is the lining inside the hood too.

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

Because I was curious, I researched the difference between gingham and buffalo plaid.  Apparently, gingham always has white as one of the two colors, and is usually smaller in scale than plaid, but not always.  And often, buffalo plaid has black as one of it’s colors, but again, not always.  Now you know!

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

During the photoshoot, it was hard to get pictures of Lowell not showing me his best lion growls and clawing hands.  I had to think up different things for him to do!  Look up at me, play peekaboo, look out the window, etc.

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

The other fabric is solid black french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and it’s very dreamy.  I’m not planning to do another comparison, but this one is very, very good!  Probably a very good mix of the best things about both of the other fabrics I compared.  Definitely one I would get again!

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

Just like David’s hoodie, I used the Bimaa pattern, and this on is the exact same size I made David!  The boys really are close in size when it comes to bulky sweatshirts, like this one.  But I’m pretty sure they’re not going to share!

Lion hoodie sewn by Skirt Fixation.

Once again, all Raspberry Creek Fabrics spring CLUB fabrics are on sale for $1 off during release week which ends tomorrow.  You really should get some!  Head here to check them all out.

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