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A Sweet, Sentimental Collar from Old Linens

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today I’ve got a sweet, sentimental collar story!  When a fabric is listed with the title “Robin’s Egg Blue” and that’s the exact color of your baby’s eyes, there’s no question as to whether or not you’re going to get that fabric!  And the icing on the cake is that this is some of the nicest jersey I’ve ever worked with.  You can read my full review of the dress fabric over on the CaliFabrics blog.  But today I want to share with you about that sweet little collar made from vintage linen.

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

Recently, we had the opportunity to help some dear friends of ours move to a new home.  This move was all about downsizing.  That meant having to disposition many belongings.  And if you’ve ever had to get rid of something sentimental, you know what an agonizing process this was for our friends.  

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

Being the sweet, selfless friends they are, they tried to give many of their belongings to the people helping them with the moving process.  We all know that it hurts less to give things to people you know will love and care for them than to throw them away or send them to a faceless donation center.

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

The problem with this plan for us was that with 8 kids and 2 adults in our home, we don’t need and don’t have room for many more belongings than we already have!  In fact, we have a sort of constant purging process in place around here.  But a few small things made it home with us, despite our best intentions to the contrary.

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

One precious item we just couldn’t refuse was a box of vintage linens.  I mean fabric, right?  (The photo above shows what it looks like when you tell a toddler to twirl so you can get a shot of the circle skirt on her dress!  Toddler’s can’t twirl!!!)

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

Plus, these are some pretty special linens.  There are hand embroidered items, and probably hand crocheted edges although I’m not an expert in that field.  One oval shaped linen had a note pinned to it with the words, “First embroidery I ever did pre-teen.”  But when we asked our friend, she said it was not her work but her mother’s!

Vintage Linen Collar sewn by Skirt Fixation

There are lace items too.  One problem is that in our day and age, linens like these are not used as they were originally.  Some of the vintage linens are of shapes and sizes we can’t even identify their original use.  But each one is gorgeous and clearly hand made.

A couple of the vintage linens have yellowing, as many old linens do.  One such one we decided to use as the collar for Baby’s new dress.  The delicate embroidery is encased between the two layers of collar, and featured on the tips.  It really adds such a beautiful touch to this darling dress!

So that is the story of a box of vintage linens, some dear friends and a collar on a robin’s egg blue dress.  Leave us a comment, what would YOU do with a box of vintage linens?

Dress: Janie Dress

Fabric: Robin’s Egg Blue jersey from CaliFabrics

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