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Janie Dress and Dressage Leggings Outfit

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Annie’s fall/winter wardrobe gained another piece!  She’s been watching rather enviously the parade of Janie Dresses I’ve been sewing for Baby Tina, and when I told her it was her turn, she requested this pattern!  

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Inspired by the week 1 theme at Project Run & Play, Kid Designed – Momma Sewn, I asked Annie to design a fall outfit for herself.  She perused our fabric stash and came up with this liverpool floral knit fabric.  Because we had plenty of it, we both agreed the Janie Dress would be perfect.  The large scale print works well on a full circle skirt where as a tiny print would look busy, in my opinion.  

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

For Annie’s tall and lanky frame, I blended the size 5 and size 12 patterns together!  At the waist I used the 5, and the size 12 for length and shoulder width.  Also, we used the whole width of the fabric on the circle skirt instead of using the size 12 length to get it as long as possible.  By the end of the winter, it’ll probably be right at the knee if Annie keeps growing like a weed!

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Because of her fond memories of this dress, Annie wanted the cowl version of the Janie Dress.  We decided a solid black knit fabric would be perfect for the cowl, both to separate the print from her face, and to match the leggings she designed for underneath.  

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

For the leggings, we used the quick and easy version included with the Dressage Leggings pattern.  We sewed her a size 10 with size 12 length.  These fit Annie perfectly, and she was in desperate need of a new pair of black leggings for fall and winter.  This was the only picture I got where you can get a good glimpse of the leggings and I love the concentrated look on Annie’s face!

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Both of these patterns were quick and easy to sew.  Using our Brother 1034d serger, we completed them both (all except the hems) in short order.  Actually, the circle skirt is unhemmed because liverpool knit does not fray, and it was much less time consuming than hemming aaaaaalllllll the way around that circle!

Janie Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

Liverpool knit fabric is interesting.  It’s thick like a double knit, but has a crepe like texture on the face.  This almost pebbled look and feel is quite unique.  

Hand sewn labels designed by Skirt Fixation

Oh, and I was quite pleased to be able to use the new labels I designed from Dutch Label Shop.  No more questions about what is the front on handmade clothes anymore!  If you’d like to get your own labels, use the code skirtfixation15 for 15% off your purchase until December 3rd.

Annie was quite pleased with her design and it’s so fun to bring her vision to life!  She’s a pretty good little designer, and we’ve planned some more projects in the future…stay tuned!

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